What are circuit breakers on children's teeth

What are circuit breakers on children's teeth

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The moment your child begins visits to the dentist I think we all think about whether or not your child will wear braces on his teeth. Keep in mind that in the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes.

exist multitude of devices removable or fixed, internal or external, more visible or less visible, that your child may need to use to correct a certain type of bite problem.

We tell you what the circuit breakers on children's teeth.

Bite problems and dental malpositions are very common and with many causes or triggers, the main one being genetics.

For all this in your periodic visits we will evaluate the jaw growth of your child and, in case this is not correct, as it is in the case of hypodevelopment of the maxilla, a circuit breaker coupled to the molars would be used, with a device in the palate, which we would gradually activate and which serves to mold the shape of the palate.

The ideal age to place this type of appliance is before the closure or ossification of the palatal suture that joins the two halves of the palate, since after the complete development of this it would be useless and the only option would be the surgery.

Between the 5 and 7 years it would be time to fix this appliance on the palate and thus expand the upper arch.

At 3 months, progress can be seen in the clear example of incisor separation upper centrals.

With the circuit breaker we manage to open enough space to avoid dental crowding, but sometimes it is necessary to also place braces to act on unit malpositions of each tooth.

All these fixed and removable appliances help us to achieve a correct occlusion, that is, a correct bite, which implies multiple benefits apart from aesthetics, facilitates hygiene, which reduces the risk of cavities, improves chewing and swallowing, making digestion easier, decreases the risk of suffering periodontitis, what used to be called “pyorrhea” or gum disease and also prevents the teeth wear out non-uniformly, saving jaw joint problems, as well as many others.

Author: Marta Navarro. Child dentist

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