How to avoid accidents with children and babies

How to avoid accidents with children and babies

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Statistics show that it is in homes where boys and girls up to 4 years of age suffer the most accidents. The most frequent are falls, blows, cuts, burns and drowning.

Accidents in homes are one of the hot spots for children. Children do not stop and you have to be very careful, anything can be dangerous for them. For this reason, implement plans for home security It is essential for the safety of children.

For a young child, the carelessness of the elderly is like a loaded gun. Burns, cuts, falls, suffocation, ingestion of toxic products or medicines, electric shocks, run over, traffic accidents, can and should be avoided, if parents and caregivers act properly. Mustteach children about dangers and try to stop the games from turning into a deadly game. We must at all costs prevent child accidents. Everything is little for the care of the little ones!

1- Caution with toxic products and medicines

Always keep out of the reach of children: detergents, bleaches, dyes, paints and any kind of medicine. To do this, it is advisable to keep all these products under lock and key, treating so that the little one can have access to them.

The same is true for insecticides, colonies, cosmetics, etc. In no case, should this type of product be stored in soft drink jars or bottles, as children could confuse them with what it is not and it would attract more attention.

2- Avoid burns in children

Also, avoid leaving pots or pans with hot liquids within the reach of children. It is also necessary to ensure that the handles do not protrude. In any case, the less they walk in the kitchen, the better. As for the sprays that are often used as household products, their use must be extreme, since they are highly flammable.

Finally, and very importantly, it is vital to take precautions when children are exposed to the sun, as this can cause serious burns. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid excessive exposure of children to the sun, but they do sunbathe when they go for a walk, since this provides them with many vitamins, as long as they do so with a protective cream, recommended by the pediatrician.

3- Prevent child suffocation

Young children are very fond of putting everything they catch in their mouths. Therefore, it is vital to teach them not to put anything in their mouths and to control everything that the little ones can swallow. For example, toys, it is important to pay attention to those small parts that can be easily torn and that children in a carelessness can swallow.

They must be watched with great caution. You have to be careful with plastic bags, since they are not a toy for children and they can drown and of course, you should never leave them alone in bathtubs or swimming pools.

4- How to avoid falls of children and babies

Children must be prevented from playing in dangerous places. The terraces, balconies and roofs are very dangerous for children, it is not a suitable place to play for the little ones, but even so, there must be railings. Door and window closures should be checked well. Avoid leaving furniture or objects that allow them to climb within their reach.

The baby's crib should have the bars very close together, so that he cannot insert his head between them. Even so, children's falls are frequent, especially when they start to walk, but this is normal, since the little one still does not have enough mobility. What must be prevented are other types of falls that can have serious consequences for children.

5- Accidents with sharp objects

Knives, scissors, and other sharp objects should always be out of reach. As children, they must be educated not to approach them, in the meantime, since when they are older and they are necessary to eat, they must be taught to use them under the watchful eye of an adult. They should also be observed when they play with an object that, when broken, could cut them.

6- Avoid electric shock

Electrical appliances and cables must be well protected with the security systems that currently exist on the market. Plugs, grounded and recessed. Children must be taught not to touch them. Avoid leaving electrical appliances on (irons, radiators, stoves ...) in places where children play.

7- How to avoid child burns

If the home has a fireplace, try to put a protective wall, thus preventing the child from approaching it to avoid burns. With the arrival of winter and the cold it is common for there to be stoves, braziers and fires in homes, but these should be kept out of the reach of children. The child must be prevented from playing with matches, lighters or flammable liquids (alcohol, gasoline, etc.). If there are smokers at home, make sure you put out your cigarettes well.

We must take advantage of any situation and moment for the child to understand the need to be careful when crossing the street. Children are not aware of the danger, they simply play. It is very important for children to learn the concept of child road safety.

The child must be taught to cross the traffic lights when they are green, and to look from one side to the other, and to always cross the pedestrian crossings, calmly. As for parents, they should moderate their speed on the road, since the number one cause of infant mortality is road deaths. It should be remembered that children should always travel in safety seats adapted to their weight and height.

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