What is Asperger syndrome

What is Asperger syndrome

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The Asperger syndrome It is a profound disorder of brain development characterized by difficulties in social interaction and motor coordination, restrictions in affective communication, cognitive rigidity and in interest and behavior patterns, apart from an excessive sensitivity to some sounds, smells, temperature. ..
These behavioral characteristics were first observed and described by Hans Asperger, an Austrian physician, whose work was translated to the rest of the world in the 1980s.

It is considered that Asperger syndrome affects 3 to 7 per 1,000 children, ages 7 to 16. The figures are not exact, but it is recognized that it is a disorder that affects boys more frequently than girls.

Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder. A child is considered to be Asperger's when he shows different abnormalities in some aspects of his behavior or development such as:

- The child with Asperger's has a normal external appearance, is usually intelligent and has no delay in the acquisition of speech

- They are very sensitive to strong noises and smells

- Due to the lack of social skills, they have problems relating to other children or adults. They have difficulty making friends, as well as maintaining a friendship or conversation.

- They show motor clumsiness and lack of coordination. Therefore, they make very repetitive movements.

- The intellectual capacity of children with Asperger syndrome it is normal and their language is normally only altered when it is used for communication purposes.

- They are unable to understand non-verbal language, through gestures, looks, etc. It is difficult for them to react to a joke, a game, a joke, to capture metaphors or to interpret some expressions.

- Children with Asperger syndrome tend to fix their attention on a specific topic, obsessively many times, so it is not strange that they learn to read on their own at a very early age, if that is the area of ​​their attention.

- A child with this Syndrome will also be affected, in a variable way, in their connections and social skills, and in behavior with repetitive traits and a limited range of interests.

- They have one very naive understanding of social situations, and they do not usually transform them to their own benefit. The maladaptation they present in social contexts is the result of a misunderstanding and confusion created by the demands of interpersonal relationships. It is difficult for them to adapt to changes.

- Despite their difficulties, children with this disorder are noble, they have a big heart, a kindness without limits, they are faithful, noble, loyal, sincere, and have endless values ​​that we can discover just by looking a little inside. On the other hand, it is difficult for them to put themselves in the place of the other and understand their emotions or intentions.

There is a genetic component related to one of the parents. With some frequency, it is the father who has a complete picture of Asperger's syndrome.

Sometimes there is a clear history of autism in close relatives. The presenting clinical picture is influenced by many factors, including the genetic factor, but in most cases there is no single identifiable cause.

From very early on, you can observe a child and identify some signs or traits that may indicate that they are Asperger's. If you notice some of these signs in your child and you see that there are no changes, it would be advisable to consult with the doctor:

  • Doing things in a repetitive way
  • It is not communicated in any way
  • Does not maintain eye contact, eye to eye
  • Present abrupt and very disproportionate changes in behavior
  • Does not answer by name
  • Has clumsiness in motor coordination

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