The strange case of the baby allergic to water and her own tears

The strange case of the baby allergic to water and her own tears

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Ivy's mother is desperate. Try by all means that your daughter does not cry. A simple tear does much more damage than you can imagine.

Ivy Angerman was diagnosed at 12 months with a strange allergy that keeps her away from water. Any contact with this liquid causes terrible injuries. We tell you the strange case of the baby allergic to water and her own tears.

Yvy Angerman (Minnesotta, United States) He cannot, at 18 months, swim, make the angel in the snow or splash happily in the rain. Nor can, or rather, should not cry. The reason? A strange allergy that prevents you from having any type of contact with water.

Every time Ivy cries, the skin on her face blisters. That is why her mother, Brittany, he's trying to teach Yvy not to cry. But it is a very complex task. More at that age, in which crying and tantrums are part of learning and recognizing emotions. Not to mention the fact that he has a six-month-old little sister who can play with the water with ease. Ivy looks at her desperately. She would also like to play with the snow.

Ivy also has hives from contact with water. It only takes 15-20 seconds in the bathroom for you to start screaming in pain. Her mother says that as soon as her daughter enters the water, she cries and tries to climb into the bathtub trying to escape. At first they thought it could be because of fear of water, but when they saw the blisters that appeared on his skin, they looked for the origin of the allergy. They changed the soap, the shampoo, and even bathed her in another house for her outside the bathtub. Nothing. The blisters kept coming out. Until the doctors discovered that it was the water. Since then, Ivy's parents can only wipe her with wet wipes and do their best to keep her from crying. When this happens, when Ivy has a wound due to her allergic reaction, they cannot dry it with a towel, because it hurts so much. They have to let the wounds air dry. You also take antihistamines frequently and only consume purified water.

Sweat also causes allergies, although to a lesser extent. According to her mother, when Ivy sweats, her skin becomes red and itchy and the symptoms last 30 to 60 minutes.

This type of allergy, strangely enough, exists, although it is very rare. It is called aqugenic urticarial (aquagenic urticaria), and it is estimated that it only affects 50 people worldwide. Symptoms appear mainly in the arms, trunk and neck. In addition, this type of allergy usually occurs at puberty, making the case of Ivy even more strange. His parents wanted to make him known, in solidarity with all children who suffer from rare diseases and allergies.

This type of allergy has no cure. The only treatment is use of antihistamines, use of creams that act as protective screens, and exposure to ultraviolet light.

Without a doubt, water allergy is one of the strangest allergies that can occur in children and adults. However, there are others that are also 'rare' allergies and that however can also affect children:

1. Allergy to cold. Frigore urticaria is called, and it causes redness and scaling of the skin in contact with cold, snow or ice. The most extreme symptoms are fever and shortness of breath, and it can also occur when eating very cold products.

2. Allergy to heat. The extreme opposite to cold allergy is heat allergy. It's not about 'coping badly with the heat'. Heat allergy causes hives, hives on the skin and even hives when a source of heat is nearby or simply by contact with the sun's rays.

3. Allergy to exercise. It may seem like an excuse not to play sports. but this allergy exists. In some cases, physical exertion produces excess fatigue, hives, neck swelling ... However, the possibility that this allergic reaction is due to the consumption of some food just before exercising is being studied.

4. Allergy to all foods and drinks. Can you imagine a case like this, of someone who can only ingest water, ice and lemonade? This case exists. This is an 11-year-old boy who can only ingest these drinks and eat through a gastric tube, since the food causes very painful stomach ulcers.

5. Allergy to touch. People who develop this type of allergy are hypersensitive to touch. If you touch them, you will develop hives and itching. It is believed that this allergy can affect 5% of the world population.

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