Health tips for grandparents caring for their grandchildren

Health tips for grandparents caring for their grandchildren

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Grandparents are taking on a growing role in children's lives. They play many different roles that, by nature, their parents should exercise: they provide them with basic care and attention (diaper change, preparation of baby food, bottles, etc.), they stay with them when they cannot attend kindergarten, they take them to the pediatrician when parents cannot, accompany them to extracurricular activities, and a long etcetera. Next, and as a tribute, we provide a series of health tips for grandparents caring for their grandchildren.

-Grandparents are not parents, nor should you be. You are something else, very special. That is why your grandchildren love you in such a unique way.

-If your grandson suffers an accident (blow to the head, for example), don't feel bad. That could have happened just as well if he had been under the care of his parents. Many grandparents become extremely upset, and some may at least temporarily develop an unfair feeling of inferiority. Adverse events happen to the caregiver, regardless of their age.

-If you have a small memory problem, nothing happens because bring things to the pediatrician such as some information that doctors care about: maximum temperature if the child has a fever, name and dose of the medicine they are giving him, if he is allergic to something or not, etc. You will find yourself safer, and so will your doctor.

-Medicine is changing over time. In this way, you may notice that some of the things that doctors say today catch your attention. That does not mean that the doctor who is treating you is making a mistake, or that what was done before is better than what is done now.

-The doctor-patient / family communication is very important. For this reason, If you have a hearing problem, or you have not understood well what the doctors tell you, you have to tell us. We will repeat it as many times as necessary.

-If your grandson has a tolerance problem or allergy to any food or drug, you should take extreme precautions so that the little one does not contact the problem substance.

-Certain important decisions (such as informed consent for a surgical intervention, or complementary test) must be made by the child's parents. This is, certain responsibilities must be assumed by them, and not by you.

-It is important that you transport your grandchildren in the approved chair that corresponds to them by age.

-The current fast food culture has nothing to do with the healthy lifestyles that your grandparents led. Tell your grandchildren to continue that culinary tradition: good product, calm preparations, etc.

-Give your grandchildren your vital teachings: they will value them, a lot.

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