Amalia's boots. I have values ​​for children

Amalia's boots. I have values ​​for children

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If you could ask for as many wishes as you could, what would you ask? Would they all be for you? Would you help other people with that power? This is what this is about story with values ​​for children entitled Amalia's boots. A girl who with her wishes changed the destiny of humanity forever.

A beautiful children's story about what can be achieved by being kind to others. You can read this story with your children and ask them what they would do if they were Amalia and they had her magic boots.

Although she did not need them, Amalia driven by an irrepressible desire he bought some red boots that he had seen in the shop window.

In the morning he wore them when he left the house and at night he polished them with a soft cloth so that they always looked like new. They were patent leather boots, dark red, with a very soft inner skin, warm and with long, thin laces of the same color.

One of the nights he said aloud while polishing them.

- These walls need a coat of paint.

The next day, when it dawned, the walls looked white and clean giving a new look to the rooms of the house.

Amalia couldn't believe it, she didn't know what had happened but her wish had been fulfilled.

At night, Amalia polished her boots again while thinking:

- Tomorrow I'll make some stewed potatoes with meat to eat.

The next day, when he entered his house, he smelled an exquisite aroma coming from the kitchen and, when he entered the room, he found the table set with an exquisite plate of stewed potatoes. Amalia began to connect the dots and then she realized that her boots were magical and that if she made a wish while rubbing them it would come true.

Immediately, he rubbed his boots again to make sure and this time exclaimed with all his might out loud:

- I wish that no one in the world goes hungry again.

The next day all the news on television and radio in the world spoke of the surplus of cereals, fruits and vegetables. All the orchards were full and, inexplicably, the land was bearing sweet and juicy fruits never seen before.

Amalia then felt very happy knowing all the good she could do.

Once a day he expressed a new wish while polishing his boots:

Humility, joy, kindness, patience, empathy, sense of humor, honesty, generosity, trust, sincerity, health ... he wished so many good things that, little by little, the bad ones were banished and, now, people are fully happy in a world in which peace reigns.

What would you have asked for?

Have you already read the story? Now we suggest that you do together a series of reading comprehension exercises to help the child to read thoroughly and always understanding what he is reading. To do this, you can ask these questions:

- What is the name of the protagonist of this story?

- What did you do to make something magical happen every day?

- What wishes did you ask for?

- What do I achieve with all those wishes?

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