6 Very Short Animal Poems for Kids

6 Very Short Animal Poems for Kids

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In the same way that children like short stories, short jokes or short fables, the same happens with poetry. And it is that, a poem does not have to be long to capture the attention of children.

In a few verses, whether it's 4, 6, or 8, kids can find great stories. At Guiainfantil we offer you a selection of very short animal poems for kids written by the children's poet Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a.

These poems are great to introduce into the wonderful world of poetry from the smallest children in the house to the oldest. They are very very short poems that, despite their few verses, your children will like so much that they can even recite them.

The dog barked

and the cat meowed,

while the mosquito,

buzzed and buzzed

and the child in his crib

his mother sang.

Everyone in the house

happy they were.

I do not understand what you tell me,

Why are you talking to me in french

when do you know what english i speak

Said the caterpillar to the centipede.

The centipede that English speaks

still speaking in French

and the caterpillar getting angry,

He said - good bye centipede.

Hidden in the clouds

today the sun is very sad,

squirrels, seagulls

and also the snail.

But a little ray of light

has returned his joy,

the clouds will leave

and it will finally open the day.

The cat meowed

then he looked at him

and the mouse when seeing it

running escaped

and in his mousetrap

shelter found.

A wild duck

count a partridge,

that he is very happy

and feel happy.

The partridge listens

with great interest,

how are you friends

is happy too.

Under the umbrella

put on the conch,

thinking of being sure

and that the wave did not arrive.

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