The weirdest and most extravagant names of the children of the famous

The weirdest and most extravagant names of the children of the famous

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Celebrities are like that, they want to be so different from others, so creative and original that they choose the most extravagant names for their children.

You probably prefer names like Lucia, María or Alejandro, but even so we offer you as inspiration some of the weirdest and most extravagant names of the sons of celebrities.

Beyoncé Not only is she one of the highest paid and best known singers in the world, she is also the proud mother of a large family. What names did you choose for your children? Blue Ivy Carter which means Blue Ivy, Rumi Carter which means Rumi Carter and Sir Carter which means Lord Carter. And, despite the rarity, they registered them to prevent anyone from trading them. In case you don't know

The actress Blake Lively and actor Ryan Reynolds They revealed after months the name of their second daughter, born in 2016: James. True, it is not a strange name, what is strange is that it is a boy's name but it is carried by a girl. Of course, both are delighted with the decision since the actress has a male name.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Coldplay leader have two children: Apple and Moses. Paltrow explained that the girl is called Apple because "apples are sweet and it sounds adorable, clean and biblical." Moses (Moses), the name of her second son is the title of the song 'Moses' that her husband dedicated to Gwyneth before their wedding.

If these names do not seem strange enough to you, let's go with the singer Shakira and the soccer player Piqué. They chose Sasha for their children, very fashionable among celebrities and Milan, not Milan as the Italian city. Believe it or not it has meaning, it means dear in Slavic; enthusiastic in ancient roman and unification in sanskrit.

The actor couple Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky they have 3 babies. They too decided to choose unusual names for their children. That is why his first daughter is called India, and the two twins Tristan and Sasha. You see, Sasha is fashionable among the famous? And it comes from one of the most popular names for boys: Alejandro, since Sasha is the diminutive of this name.

Singers and actors take the cake when it comes to weird names. TO Christina Aguilera He couldn't think of anything other than to name his daughter Summer Rain. What does it mean? Summer rain, of course.

And from the United States we make the leap to England, there the actress breeds Kate winslet to his sons Joe Alfie, untranslatable but funny, Mia Honey (Mia Honey) and Bear Blaze, here he threw the rest because it means Glow Bear. Yes, yes, Glow Bear.

Do a drum roll cause here it comes Uma Thurman that in 2012, when her little daughter was born, she had the idea of ​​calling her… let's take a breath Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence, plus the surnames of course. Luckily they call her Luna.

We cannot finish this short selection of the strangest names of the famous without including in the list the socialite of the socialites, Kim kardashian, whose children are named North West (northwest) and Saint (saint).

After this, have you taken any ideas for yourself or do you still prefer María, Lucía or Alejandro?

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