Very negative children. How to deal with the negativity of children

Very negative children. How to deal with the negativity of children

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Negativity can be present in children at any age and often determines their behavior. The factors causing this type of behavior can be of different nature.

But, how can we act before the negativity of children? What to do with very negative children? We clarify these doubts on site.

- Genetic factors that have to do with a deficit in neurotransmitters that modulate emotions and behaviors.

- Factors that have to do with received learning of your reference figures.

- Educational models that the adults in their environment use throughout the child's development shape their behavior. Using authoritarian and violent role models can lead to negative thoughts and behaviors.

- The type of attachment received In the early stages of development it can affect a child's temperament and his way of relating to the world. Negativity works in the following way: the little ones understand that there is no other possible way of thinking than their own, and that everything that is negative for them cannot be seen from another point of view nor can it be changed.

If we wonder if our child can be negative, we must look at some characteristics of his personality:

- Generally in a bad mood.

- He thinks everything is going wrong for him.

- When he has a problem, it is a catastrophe and he says things like: “it always happens to me”.

- When something unfavorable happens to him, he exaggerates its importance.

- He thinks that everything bad that happens is his fault.

- He is continually complaining about everything.

- When he does his homework, he thinks they will go wrong before he starts.

These types of behaviors and thoughts should not be bad if you know how to control them. The problem appears when they are too intrusive and become a very difficult obstacle to overcome in everyday life.

Living with a negative child requires a lot of patience, understanding and tolerance on the part of the parents. In addition, it will be necessary to use tools to help deal with this situation.

- Be a model. Many of the attitudes that children have, good or bad, come from their parents, from how they face things in their day to day. Children see, imitate, and often in an involuntary way. Before labeling the little ones as negatives, it will be convenient for the parents to reflect on their behavior.

- The type of care. Negative thoughts of children should not be given too much attention. If it is done, this type of thinking is being fed more and it will become something stronger that can affect the child.

- Respect the child. The child needs to be respected, to feel loved, to know that their opinions matter, and to know that they are part of their family. For this reason, to prevent a child from having negative thoughts, it should be avoided that he thinks badly about himself, but his positive thinking and self-esteem will have to be enhanced.

- Redirect your thoughts. Changing them for more realistic ones. Show that negative thoughts on many occasions are neither true nor do they ever occur.

- Teach to take perspective. The child must be taught to distance himself from each situation so that he understands that there are several points of view to understand it.

- Activities against negativity. Finding activities that combat negativity will be essential. For example, with physical activity you have fun and oxygenate the brain properly, in addition to concentrating on something in particular negative thoughts disappear.

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