If you are concerned about your child's back, regulate the weight of his backpack

If you are concerned about your child's back, regulate the weight of his backpack

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My daughter is going to a new school this year and yesterday she told me, with an expression of relief, how good it is to have a locker of her own at school to leave her books and school supplies, and not have to take them home every day. No wonder she was so happy because she even carried up to 8 kilos in her backpack on her back, three kilos more than she should carry, to avoid discomfort in her back.

That children carry backpacks on their back is not bad, as long as their weight is adequate. TheKovacs Foundation, which promotes public health through the dissemination and application of scientifically based measures, defends that children do not carry more than 10 percent of their body weight on their backs. An excessive and poorly distributed weight (on one shoulder), can cause injuries and consequently back pain and other discomfort in children, in addition to all the medical costs that they entail.

To prevent back ailments in children, the Kovacs Foundation recommends that:

- All schools, install lockers in children's classes.

- Parents, as well as educators, keep an eye on the weight of children's backpack. That it does not exceed 10 percent of its weight.

- Instead of carrying weight on their back, children use a backpack with wheels.

- If the child carries a backpack with wheels, the handle of the backpack should be adjusted to the child's height so that he can drag it more comfortably, without having to carry his shoulders, arms and his posture.

- If the child's backpack is with suspenders, it should not be carried as high as possible (between the shoulder blades), but at the height of the lumbar area or between the hips.

- When filling the backpack with books, it is convenient to place the heaviest books in the part that is closest to and close to the child's back.

- Children should do physical exercises daily to strengthen, among other muscles, those of the back.

Apart from backpacks, the Kovacs Foundation is also concerned with children's posture, another factor responsible for back pain. Bad postures held for hours at the school desk can cause cervical and lumbar pain in children. More than 50 percent of children have suffered an episode of back pain before the age of 17.

For this reason, it is necessary for both parents and educators to teach children to take care of their back. The Colegial Medical Organization together with the Kovacs Foundation have launched a public health campaign oriented to the care that children should have with their back. At Tebeo from the back, Dr. Espalda gives very useful prevention tips to children.

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