Why children should only use new technologies in the living room

Why children should only use new technologies in the living room

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Increased use of electronic devices by the whole family makes it necessary for us to be more aware of the problems that this can generate of communication and time, that is why it is increasingly essential that we take certain control measuresAmong them, one of the most important is that we only use electronic devices in the classroom.

I tell you why children should only use new technologies in the classroom.

I remember once in a formation that I was, where the formator told us that a good measure with the children It is to put the computer, the TV, the game consoles, etc ... in the living room, where all the members of the family can see how we use it.

The first time I heard it I found it interesting but maybe not enough. To this day it seems to me very important measure and that I recommend to all families with children,

It is a wise measure, mainly because the time children spend with these devices has increased, thanks to having them freely available in your room.

Therefore, I recommend 3 measures that seem appropriate for the use of new technologies:

1. All electronic devices (television, consoles, computers, tablets, etc.) should be in the living room, where we can all see the use we make of it and we can be aware of what each one is doing on the devices.

2. The living room should be the only space where you should use mobile. With this we generate at least being present. In the end, these devices, far from having us together, isolate us from everything and everyone.

3. Program the router Wi-Fi so that it is turned off during certain times of the day. I recommend that the wifi be turned off at 11 at night and turned on again at 11 in the morning.

Although it may seem silly, more and more children are secretly taking their mobile or ipad to bed, waiting for their parents to fall asleep and lying down until 2 or 3 in the morning whatsappeando, watching videos on Youtube or being in social media. Similarly, there are children who get up at 6 or 7 in the morning to do the same. Therefore it seems to me a very interesting preventive measure for family management.

Especially, until the age of 13 or 14, that our children enjoy these electronic devices, does not mean that they have freedom of use and enjoyment as they please.

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