Solutions for children who eat worse in hot weather

Solutions for children who eat worse in hot weather

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There is a scientific reason behind children's lack of appetite in the summer. When the heat is hot, children burn fewer calories, since they don't need that extra energy to maintain their body temperature. This obviously translates into a lower caloric need, which parents see as a red flag: they are less hungry and eat less. What can we do if children eat worse in hot weather.

It is not convenient to be alarmed if the child is active and healthy, happy and wanting to play, since it is completely normal, but if we are too concerned, we can consult the pediatrician to confirm if everything is in order.

  • Make sure the child is well hydrated. When temperatures are high, it is advisable that we always carry a bottle of water and offer it frequently to the little ones, since children are usually not aware that they are thirsty until it is very imminent.
  • Help yourself with drinks that feed. Water is a non-caloric drink, but there are other very interesting options that can easily replace a breakfast or a snack. Fruit shakes or smoothies combine a good caloric intake with a micronutrient supply ideal for children. The calcium, vitamin D and the water content that milk contains, as well as the fiber and other vitamins and minerals present in the fruit, make these drinks a very complete food.
  • Choose cold dishes. Rice or pasta, if eaten cold, are usually more palatable in the summer. These carbohydrates, if they are whole, are even better, since they provide fiber in addition to the other nutrients. In addition, offering carbohydrates as a single dish is ideal in childhood, since children usually get tired and need to get up from the table and with a plate of rice, pasta or potatoes, if we choose to accompany it with a protein component, such as chicken, egg or tuna, we manage to provide energy for the child to continue with their daily activity.
  • Always have a healthy snack on hand. In the summer the routines are relaxed, and we often find that the child is hungry and we are away from home. It is easy that, if a child is bought a snack on the street, it is unhealthy, and the child gets used to it and asks for it whenever we are on the street. Nuts and seeds are the easiest snacks to carry in your bag, and their energy supply, as well as essential nutrients, is very interesting in childhood.

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