How to prevent a wasp from stinging your child

How to prevent a wasp from stinging your child

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There is no person who is not afraid of them. I have seen the brave run in front of a wasp faster than if they had seen a shark, and this is worse in the case of children, who are unable to keep calm as soon as any flying insect appears.

Is the panic of bees and wasps justified? Are they really that dangerous? Is it the same to be stung by a wasp or a bee? How can you prevent a wasp from stinging your child? ... We give you answers and dismantle some myths that exist about bees and wasps.

- Do all bees and wasps sting? Although children get nervous immediately and it seems that what appears flying is a resurrected dinosaur, the truth is that not all wasps and bees sting. In fact, some variety of wasp lack it, in addition to all male bees and wasps, who do not have a stinger. That is, when we find a larger than normal bee, it is a drone (the male of the bee), and it is not necessary to run away, since you will only be interested if you wear a crown and are the queen bee of a honeycomb.

- Does the sting of bees hurt more than those of wasps? It depends on the type of wasp, since the pain is due to the type of toxin that it introduces into our body. The greatest pain attributed to the bee sting is actually due to the bee leaving the sting inside our skin, which makes the poison penetrate longer. In addition, removing the stinger can be relatively painful, since its shape is like a saw or arrow, which prevents it from being removed cleanly, and we will need tweezers to extract it.

- Do wasps sting the same as bees? No. It is true that bees “think about it more” when it comes to stinging, since their lives are about it. Every time a bee stings you, the stinger stays on your skin, dragging the entrails of the poor bee, which dies almost instantly. The wasp, in the distribution of stingers, has fared better, and is capable of stinging more times without suffering any damage to its body. So they have no qualms about defending themselves against an annoying human.

- Do wasps and bees bite? Bees cannot bite because they do not have jaws, at most they can suck us, although I don't think we are to their taste, unless you taste like daisies; However, wasps do have jaws and are capable of biting, and even tearing pieces of meat, to feed their larvae, which are carnivorous (As you may have seen on your picnic in the field if you have brought chicken). The truth is that wasps do not bite people, since they prefer dead meat.

-Can the sting of a wasp or bee kill a child? As a general rule, no, it will only be annoying for a while, unless we have an allergy to the toxin in its poison, in which case we should go urgently to the doctor. This can be seen if a part of the body falls asleep or becomes too swollen, or begins to behave strangely. Some types of bees or wasps may have a stronger toxin and, depending on the child's resistance to it, it may be more dangerous. When in doubt it is always better to avoid the sting.

- First of all keep calm. We already know that when it comes to children that is almost an impossible task, but we must make the child aware that the wasp or bee it only stings when in danger, so it is best not to fuss, move your hands quickly, scare them or slap them away. With gentle movements we can move it away while we go to another place. If it chases us, we keep moving, and if it follows us, we get into the water whenever we can, or we get it wet to drive it away.

- Teach the child that do not touch or go near the hives or wastes' nests, that can be very dangerous, even if you are far away.

- Try do not give fruit or very sweet drinks in the field, and if you do, ask him to check that there is no wasp perched on top before taking the bite. A sting on your tongue can be dangerous as it could cause you to suffocate.

- If they drink from soda cansBetter that it be through a straw, since sometimes they sneak inside and the child will not be able to see them when drinking.

- Do not keep the trash in an open container. Leave it out of the way and in closed bags. The smell attracts them.

- Do not walk barefoot on the lawn or in the pool, there are usually many wasps resting on the ground.

  • Never get mud on us, as it could infect the wound.
  • Never squeeze the stinger to remove it, as it could get further. Only use tweezers or a credit card or a spoon, never pinch.
  • The best is Wash the wound with soap and water and put ice 10 minutes. Some creams can also help.

Wasp or bee stings They are painful, especially for children who have little resistance to pain, so stay away from them. But it is not advisable to cause them a trauma every time they see a wasp, since if we do not bother each other we will be able to live with them without causing too much fuss.

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