Lucas and his shadow. Children's story about happiness

Lucas and his shadow. Children's story about happiness

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If you ask different children what makes them happy, they may give different answers. And it is that, each one reaches happiness in a very personal way.

This is what this is about children's story about happiness, Lucas and his shadow. How to achieve happiness for others with little things that do not involve any effort. It is a short story to read with children and to encourage their love of reading.

Lucas and his shadow were inseparable. Since they were born they went everywhere together.

It happened that the shadow, although he loved the child very much, was jealous of him, he felt in the background and he knew that many people did not even see it.

One afternoon, the shadow decided to tell the boy how sad he felt.

- I always go with you, but you are the one who gets all the compliments. Nobody notices me.

Lucas then thought about what to do to make the shadow feel better.

He began to observe the size of his shadow, his shape, his color, his posture, his every move, without her being aware of it.

The next day at night there was a very strong storm, so strong that it left the city without power for a while. Then, Lucas lit some candles to be able to see and, at the moment, his shadow became so big that he himself was surprised.

When the shadow was discovered on the wall of the room she was very happy. I was going from one side of the room to the other with Lucas, who began to make great fuss and, that day the two were very happy having a great time.

For this reason, many times, Lucas turns off all the lights in the house and lights the candles to make his shadow happy and play with it.

If your child has already read this story and you think that he has not done a comprehensive reading of the text, we suggest that you ask them questions about reading:

  • What's the name of the protagonist?
  • Who did Lucas always go with?
  • What happened to his shadow?
  • How did Lucas make her happy?

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