Sofia and Lucia. Children's story about going back to school

Sofia and Lucia. Children's story about going back to school

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Back to school after a long vacation it's not easy. Many children get very lazy, especially because they are not willing to go from a wonderful 'freedom' of schedules to a routine of defined schedules.

Therefore, this story is ideal to read at the end of the holidays to children. It's called 'Sofía y Lucía' and it's a children's story about going back to school, or rather, about the laziness of many children before going back to school.

It was hard to go back to school. What a cost! Sofía went downstairs to the kitchen of her house, with her backpack on her shoulder and shuffling.

- Good morning, Sofi - her parents told her.

- What good do they have? Classes start today!

- And you don't feel like going back?

- Of course not! - Sofia protested: I have to say goodbye to the beach and hello to homework, goodbye to excursions with cousins ​​and hello to the alarm clock. It's horrifying!

While Sofía continued with the list of complaints, her sister Lucia appeared in the kitchen.

- Good morning to all! he exclaimed happily.

- Come on Lucia, you do seem happy! - said his mother.

- Of course! school starts today: goodbye to missing my friends and hello to the new pencils in my pencil case, goodbye to lazy and hello to learning interesting things, goodbye to boring naps and hello to recess. It is wonderful!

Sofia, listening to her sister, began to think that going back to school had its advantages.

Lucia continued saying:

- Come on Sofi, cheer up, we have many things to discover today: if Adriana is taller than us after the summer, if a new colleague comes or one has left, what English teacher is going to touch us or if they have finally fixed our desks .

- It's true! - Sofia said convinced -. Let's hurry to catch the bus that the great adventure of the first day of school begins!

Has your child discovered the message of this short story about going back to school? Find out with the help of these reading comprehension questions:

1. Why was Sofia angry?

2. Why was Lucia happy?

3. Was Lucia able to convince her sister to go back to school with joy?

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