The discomfort of pregnancy in the sixth month of pregnancy

The discomfort of pregnancy in the sixth month of pregnancy

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The discomfort of pregnancy in this sixth month of pregnancy is characterized by the increase in the volume of the gut, which is noticeably accentuated. The pregnant woman will notice the fetal movements or kicks of the baby more clearly.

The volume of the gut is noticeably accentuated in the sixth month of pregnancy, which can lead to some pregnancy discomforts. In this important stage of pregnancy, the uterus continues to grow and extends above the navel.

The pregnant woman can now show off her state of good hope. It is time to start preparing the baby's room and, if you already know the sex of the baby, from the ultrasound of the previous month, you can now choose the colors of the walls and the fabrics of the baby's bedroom. Take time every day to take care of your pregnancy and do not forget that it is very important lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is also essential to eat bya balanced diet rich in calcium, which allows you to acquire all the necessary nutrients for your well-being and the development of your baby. And don't forget your physical appearance. Taking care of yourself to prevent the traces of your pregnancy from accompanying you the rest of your life is essential at this stage of pregnancy.

In this sixth month of gestation, you will notice a greater sensitivity in general and your baby's kicks more clearly. That is what you can happen if you are in the sixth month of pregnancy:

- Fetal movements
You will notice the movements of your baby, who will change position frequently, as he continues to develop inside you during the sixth month of pregnancy.

- Skin tightening
The uterus continues to grow and, as a consequence, the skin of the abdomen must stretch to adapt to the new situation. If the skin is not well hydrated, itching may appear.

- Sensitive nipples
They are a frequent pregnancy annoyance. More than by the state of the skin, the sensitivity in the nipples, which is characterized by being annoying when rubbed, comes from prolactin, a hormone that prepares the breasts for lactation, whose function is to stimulate milk production. The areola is enlarged and pigmented (darkened), and small bumps (Montgomery's tubercles), which are fat-producing glands, can be seen.

- The navel begins to protrude
As the volume of the belly increases, the navel loses its usual position and is inverted outwards. It will remain that way until delivery and then it will return to normal.

- The uterus expands
Because the uterus no longer fits in the pelvis, it expands upward displacing the intestines and pressing on the diaphragm and liver. As a result, you may feel a slight choking sensation, which is usually temporary.

- Frequent urination
As a result of the expansion of the uterus, the bladder is also more oppressed. For this reason, you will feel like peeing more often.

From the sixth month of pregnancy, the discomfort of pregnancy begins to intensify in the sixth month of pregnancy.

Itchy skin
They are relieved by applying moisturizers, which also prevent stretch marks. Choose those that have rosehip in their composition because it favors the elasticity of the skin. Apply cream in the morning, after the daily shower, and also at night especially on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, and on the chest. Thus, you will keep your skin hydrated, safe from the formation of stretch marks and itching.

Tenderness in the chest
Wear cotton bras, non-wired and with wide straps to support the increase in breast volume. To avoid rubbing, you can use special nursing pads, which are also absorbent, and can help reinforce the protection of the nipple.

Frequent urination
Avoid holding back the urge to urinate. To combat excess urination, limit your intake of diuretic beverages such as coffee, tea, and sodas, which contain caffeine and may be responsible for more frequent urination. If frequent urination problems also appear at night and you have to get out of bed several times, avoid drinking fluids two hours before bed, but make sure you drink enough during the day.

And if what you suffer is urine leakage, resort to sanitary pads or diapers, although it is not usually common to reach that point. Kegel exercises will strengthen your muscles in the perineal area and will also help you avoid involuntary losses. It is important to do them daily to prevent urine leakage.

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