What not to do when washing your baby's clothes

What not to do when washing your baby's clothes

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It seems incredible that a baby can dirty so much clothes, but drooling, regurgitation or a leak in the diapers can make your baby wear a different outfit every day, it is even very common that you have to make several changes of clothes in the same day .

This is how your basket will be filled with leggings, suits, booties, T-shirts, bodys ... And you will face the question of how to wash your baby's clothes. So that you are not wrong, we clarify What you must not do.

You may be wondering how to wash your baby's clothes: by hand? Should I separate them from adults? With what detergent? Can bleach be used? How long should I take special care? with baby clothes? We clarify all your doubts with this list of things you should not do:

- You cannot wash your baby's clothes with just any detergent. Leave the one you usually use for your clothes and choose a special one for clothes that will be in contact with your baby's delicate and sensitive skin. You must use a hypoallergenic detergent that, like Norit Baby, does not contain sensitizing preservatives, perfumes or optical brighteners that can irritate baby's skin.

- When washing your clothes, do not mix it with the rest of the family: wash the baby's with their special detergent and that of the other members with the detergent you usually use. It is very important that you follow this advice, especially during the first 6 months.

- They will give you a lot of clothes and you will buy clothes that seem to be in perfect condition, but it is essential that you do not put them on directly but that wash it before its first use. Even if they give it to you second hand! It may have accumulated dust or contain traces of a detergent that irritate your skin.

- Do not forget that washing the baby's clothes also involves sheets, blankets and other household or warm clothes that are in contact with their skin. Wash everything first with the same special detergent for babies.

- Don't change the detergent every so often. Choose one and use it always: in this way, if your baby's skin becomes irritated, you will know how to identify the cause.

- Do not put heavily stained garments in the washing machine, expecting them to come out without a problem: apply a little detergent to the area of ​​the stain and rub gently before putting the garment in the drum. Do it as soon as possible to prevent the stain from drying out and not coming out.

- Bleach has a very aggressive formula for the skin ... and it is even more so if we talk about the baby's skin, so do not use it to wash their clothes. Also do not use fabric softeners: the perfumes they carry can be potentially allergenic and, if traces of fabric softener remain on the fabrics, they can cause irritation to the baby's skin.

- Don't use a long program if you are going to put your baby's clothes in the washing machine. A medium or short program is enough, in cold water and with a gentle spin. Of course: it is convenient to carry out a double rinse so that you completely remove the detergent from the clothes.

- When washing your clothes, do not forget to separate the dark and intense colors from the rest of the laundry, so that there are no accidental fading. We also advise you to wash the most delicate clothes by hand.

Follow our advice and your baby's clothes and skin will always be taken care of.

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