San Damian and San Cosme, September 26. Names for boys

San Damian and San Cosme, September 26. Names for boys

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If you are expecting a baby, perhaps these two proposals for names of Greek origin can be helpful. Is about Damien and Cosme. It is often used even for twin or twin male babies. If you want to consult other ideas of Greek names for children, you just have to access our list of names.

In we tell you what is the meaning, history and origin of the names of Saint Damien and Cosme.

They were two medical brothers who gave themselves to the maximum with their profession, helping even selflessly and who were beheaded, after being previously tortured.

His saints are celebrated on the day September 26. If you want to know other names that also celebrate their saint this day, you just have to consult our guide.

Both Damien and Cosme are considered the patrons of doctors because of the work they performed with such passion in life, and also patrons of pharmacists and barbers.

The meaning of Damien's name is related to 'tamer', while Cosme means 'adorned, well presented'.

In other languages ​​we find the following variants of Cosme's name: 'Kosma' in Czech, Basque, Icelandic, Polish or Swedish, 'Kuzma' in Croatian, or 'Cosmin' in Romanian.

As for the variants in other languages ​​and languages ​​of Damien's name we find: 'Damianu' in Asturian or Corsican, 'Damianus' in Swedish, Latin or Icelandic, 'Damján' in Hungarian, or 'Damijonas' in Lithuanian.

Among the world personalities that we can highlight with these names we find the Mexican actor Damián Alcázar, the Spanish sculptor Damián Forment or the Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice.

And as for Cosimo, the personality of Cosimo I de Medici, Duke of Toscaza, stands out as a ruler and patron of Renaissance Florence who was an Italian politician and banker, founder of the Medici dynasty.

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