Halloween costume ideas for kids

Halloween costume ideas for kids

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Selection of fun costumes for children's halloween party


Pirate boy on Halloween. If there is something that parents like at Halloween parties, it is to dress up their baby as an animal or pirate. It is that they look so beautiful with this costume, right?

Lion costume for a baby. Your baby will be beautiful with this original Lion costume at the Halloween party. In addition, it is a costume that will attract a lot of attention.

Skeleton costume for kids. To make this skeleton or skull costume for your child for the Halloween party, you don't need a lot of knowledge. A black t-shirt and pants is enough. Then you just have to paint or stick stickers of the bone shapes all over the body.

Girl disguised as a witch. There is no easier costume to make than this one as a witch for Halloween night. Black clothes, striped stockings and a peaked hat, and that's it. Of course, you cannot forget to do a makeup on your little face.

Halloween dragon costume. Dragons are one of the characters that most intrigue children, especially since they are very common in children's stories. Your baby will look gorgeous with this beautiful dragon costume at the Halloween party.

The fairy costume is one of the favorites of girls. That thing about wearing wings and on top of it a magic wand, gives a lot to play with with friends. In addition, it is a very easy and inexpensive costume. Just looking at it you can have more than an idea.

Child dressed as a wizard on Halloween. If girls love to dress up as fairies and play with the magic wand with their friends, boys also like magic. For Halloween night, how about dressing up your son as a wizard? It's easy, look at the photo.

Costume for girls of witch with broom. Have you seen any little witch so pretty and precious like this? It won't scare you at all, but it is sure to catch everyone's attention on Halloween night. Babies also like to dress up.

This forensic doctor costume is one of the most original for the children's Halloween party, since it flees from everything conventional. It is also a very inexpensive costume. A very large white coat is enough, and a plastic skull to carry in your hands.

Skull costumes for Halloween. When boys and girls dress up, anything goes. It does not matter if it is a male or female costume. On Halloween night, more and more girls choose costumes that before only boys were allowed to wear. That's the case with skull costumes.

Child dressed as a policeman on Halloween. If there is a character that inspires respect in children, it is the policeman. For a Halloween party, it can become an ideal costume for children who want to bring order to the scariest night of the year.

Tigress costume for girls who like to scare and intimidate others, and at the same time wear a beautiful costume on Halloween, nothing better than this original and beautiful tiger costume.

Homemade pumpkin ghost costume for children. Although children do not believe in ghosts, they love to imagine themselves. They won't fly or break through walls, but they will have fun scaring their little friends on Halloween night. A very simple and inexpensive costume. An old sheet and two little eye holes, nothing more.

Girl in a winged angel costume. For the Halloween party, there are girls who also love to dress up as an angel. Everything is a matter of preferences. In addition, it is a simple and very beautiful costume.

Buccaneer child costume. The song about the peg leg says that he is a very, very bad pirate. And what better character to disguise children and make them enjoy a party or Halloween night as such ...

The witch or sorceress costume is a classic both for Halloween night and for other celebrations. Girls love to dress up and imagine being a witch. In this case, the little witch wears a witch costume mixing the black color with that of the pumpkin.

The vampire and count Dracula is one of the characters that most attract children to dress up on Halloween night. A white and red clothing with a black cape is enough, in addition to wanting to scare.

Disguising children as Egyptian mummy for Halloween night is one of the simplest proposals to do. You can use both a roll of toilet paper and a pack of gauze. You can add some red stains, with pencils or markers, as if they were blood.

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