Drawings to print and color. Thanksgiving Day

Drawings to print and color. Thanksgiving Day

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Beautiful pictures to paint with the children and give thanks on Thanksgiving


The apple pie or Apple Pie, along with the pumpkin pie, is one of the most demanded desserts at the Thanksgiving celebration dinner. invites you to print and color this exquisite apple pie drawing with your children, and then decorate the house for Thanksgiving Day.

Drawing, as well as coloring or painting, is an educational resource and at the same time very fun for both parents and children.

The roasted stuffed turkey is undoubtedly the star dish at the Thanksgiving dinner celebration, but there are also other foods that cannot be missed. Apple and corn are one of them. The apple is a fruit that is used to make apple pie. invites us to print this beautiful drawing and then color it with the children. A way to celebrate the day of sharing and giving thanks with our little ones, and then decorating the house with colored pictures.

Like every year, Thanksgiving is celebrated with a dinner shared with family and friends.

Print and color with the children this beautiful drawing of a colona carrying roasted stuffed turkey for the indigenous people as a way of thanking them for their support. believes that sharing and giving thanks are values ​​that cannot be lacking in the education of children.

Thanksgiving Day is also known, for its celebration with an exquisite dinner, such as the Turkey day (Turkey Day) as the roasted stuffed turkey is the centerpiece of the party. invites us to print and color this simple turkey drawing with the children and thus celebrate Thanksgiving Day with them.

Print and color in this beautiful drawing of some American settlers with your children, and take the opportunity to tell them the following story: historians tell that at the end of the winter of 1621, a group of settlers arrived in the state of Massachusetts. They were devoid of food, something that caused many to fall ill and die.

Late in the spring, a group of native Indians approached the new settlers and gave them all kinds of help to grow their own food. They taught them to fish, hunt, and that's how they were saved from famine. In gratitude to the indigenous people, the settlers offered a celebration to share food, which became a tradition, as a way of giving thanks for everything achieved in the year.

For this reason, every fourth Thursday of the month of November, the Thanksgiving day or Thanksgiving, a very typical celebration in the United States.

Print and color with your children this beautiful drawing of a fun and friendly turkey carrying a delicious apple pie in his hand, and take the opportunity to tell them why Thanksgiving is celebrated. commitment to the values ​​in the education of children. Sharing, kindness, tolerance and generosity are values ​​deeply rooted in the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day.

Native Americans are key figures in the history of Thanksgiving in the United States. They offered and shared their food with the settlers who came to the Americas and had nothing to eat. The indigenous people were very generous with them. For this reason, year after year, the Thanksgiving Day, on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. offers you this drawing so that you can print it and color it with your children. A way of making them understand why this day is so important in the history of Americans.

Year after year, Thanksgiving is celebrated as a way of remembering the gratitude of the settlers to the indigenous people for their help and support. It is traditional, on this day, to gather family and friends and share a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey is the centerpiece. It is usually served stuffed and roasted, in addition to other meals.

Print and color this drawing with your children, and celebrate with the readers of Thanksgiving Day. Take advantage and teach your children how important values ​​such as sharing, kindness and generosity are.

Sharing is the central tonic of Thanksgiving Day. History tells that sharing an exquisite dinner with stuffed roast turkey was the way found by the settlers to thank the indigenous people for their support and help. invites you to print this drawing for free and then help your children color it. So you will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving Day.

Like every year, the fourth Thursday of the month of November is celebrated Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. It is a traditional celebration that spreads year after year to other countries. It is celebrated with a dinner, bringing together family and friends.

The most traditional recipe for this celebration is the stuffed roast turkey. Therefore, nothing better for children to understand than to print this funny turkey drawing for them to color. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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