Baby names related to Christmas

Baby names related to Christmas

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Jesus, Natividad, Belén, Noelia ... are just some of the preferred names chosen by Catholic parents for the baby that has just been born. Choosing the baby's name according to the time in which they live is easier and more practical for the family. That is the same when the baby is born on a saint's day, that is, on the day of San José or Ntra. Sra. De la Concepción.

So parents won't have to dwell on the subject too much, right? Names not only say a lot about the tastes of parents and family. Parents also consider what the names sound like and if they match or match the child's last names.

In this sense, there are always some measures that help parents to decline by one or another name. There are parents who adhere to family traditions, choosing the name of the great-grandfather, which in turn is also that of the grandfather and father.

Another alternative that they follow is to choose the name taking into account the initials of both the name and the surname, as if it were an acronym.

The meaning and origin of names is also another element that many parents consider, although the truth is that no one will know the meaning of the name when they call the child.

In this way, I believe that choosing the name according to the date they are living is the most accurate. My son is called Jesus because he was born on December 25, many parents will say, and if this is your case, we have selected a series of traditional names related to Christmas and the Three Kings:

Christmas can be a source of inspiration for many parents when it comes to choosing a name for their baby. If you already know that the baby that will come into the world is a male, that is, a child, know the origin and meaning of the Christmas-related male names:

- ANGEL Origin: Latin. Meaning: Messenger or the one who carries a message

- BALTHASAR Origin: Assyrian. Meaning: The one who is protected by God

- CHRISTIAN OR CHRISTIAN Origin: Greek. Meaning: The one who follows Christ or the one who is Christian

- DAVID Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: The one who is loved and wanted. God's chosen

- EMANUEL or MANUEL Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: The God who is with us. In the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth is named after Immanuel

- ESTEBAN Origin: Greek. Meaning: The one who is victorious. He celebrates his saint on December 26. Known for the first martyr of Christianity

- GABRIEL Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: The strength of God, The man of God. Strength of god

- GASPAR Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Treasure Manager

- JESUS Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Salvador. Diminutive of Jehovah

JOSE Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Whom God magnifies. Name of Jesus' father

- MELCHOR Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: From Syrian or Persian, it means king of light. The name of one of the wise men.

- NATALIO Origin: Latin. Meaning: Birth of Jesus Natalio: of Latin origin, comes from 'natalis' and refers to the birth of Jesus

- NICHOLAS Origin: Greek. Meaning: The victory of the people. Saint Nicholas is the character that the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon tradition relates to Santa Claus

- NOEL Origin: Latin. Meaning: It is the French form of Natal which means 'the day of birth'

- SAVIOR Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: God saves, God is salvation

Follow these ideas from Christmas-related female names if you already know that the baby to come is a girl. Names for girls inspired by Christmas characters for your baby.

- ANGELAOrigin: Latin. Meaning: the one that carries a message. Angel female version

- ANNOUNCEMENTOrigin: Latin. Meaning: It refers to the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary

- BELEN Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: House of bread

- CRISTINA Origin: Greek. Meaning: The one anointed by God. Variant name of the masculine name Cristian

- STAR Origin: Latin. Meaning: comes from Stella and means Star as her own name. It alludes to the star that followed the wise men to the birthplace of the baby Jesus

- GLORY Origin: Latin. Meaning: Admiration, fame, prestige, honor. Invocation to the Lord

- MANUELA Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: God is with us. Female version of the name Manuel or Emanuel

MARY Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: The chosen one, the one loved by God. The mother of Jesus

- NATALIE Origin: Latin. Meaning: It means Birth. It comes from the word natalis and its meaning has to do with the birth of Jesus.

- NATIVITY Origin: Latin. Meaning: Christian name that evokes the festival of the same name. The day of his saints is December 25.

- NAZARETH Origin: Hebrew. Name of the city where the baby Jesus grew up

- NOELIA Origin: Latin. Meaning: Derived from Noel. According to tradition, that was the name of the children who were born on December 25.

- PEACE Origin: Latin. Meaning: Tranquility. It is used especially as a Marian invocation

- KINGS Origin: Latin. Meaning: The one who belongs to the King's house

- VIRGINIA Origin: Latin. Meaning: The one that comes from Virgo, Virgin, maiden or virginal

The season of the Christmas holidays is not very welcome for the woman who has just given birth to her baby. Although the moment is of joy and excitement for the baby that has just been born, during the postpartum mothers need some reassurance to recover, learn to breastfeed the baby and adapt to the new routine of life. However, you can organize and enjoy Christmas like anyone else. Here are some tips:

1. Accept help from friends and family
Although no one will take care of the baby like mom and dad, it is necessary that you lighten the load of tasks with the baby and focus on what is most important. Ask for help from grandparents and friends, if necessary. They will be happy to collaborate.

2. Take care of yourself and think a little about yourself
How? Well, leaving the baby to the care of father, grandmother, to go out a little home to see the Christmas lights, meet friends ... This will avoid the stress of the first weeks with the baby. You will return home stronger and more animated.

3. Join a quieter family party
Avoid very crowded and crowded environments. For you and your baby, it is best to enjoy a quiet family dinner. Surely everyone will want to collaborate and participate to be with the new member of the family. Also, if you are with the family, you can go away at any time to breastfeed the baby or make him sleep.

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