How to know if your child has a tolerance for frustration

How to know if your child has a tolerance for frustration

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To the kids It is difficult for them to accept that things do not always go the way you want. However, in childhood it is necessary to learn to handle the negative emotions that changes in plans or mistakes made can cause.

Learning to tolerate frustration is basic in childhood and will be essential both for the development of emotional intelligence, and for not suffering uselessly. Silvia Alava, a child psychologist, explains to us when we can consider that our child has already acquired a good frustration tolerance.

1. When something does not go well, he does not scream, kick, cry or, at least if he does, it will be for a short time.

2. If something has ever gone wrong, does not avoid that situation, Retry.

3. When you are told something you don't want to do, you don't throw a big tantrum.

4. Every time you protest less about what you don't like and their complaints are decreasing.

5. You are able to listen carefully even if you are not very interested in them.

6. If you are playing with older children, strives to be at their level and does not use that it is smaller so that they let him win.

7. Is able to wait at least a minute for you to come to his call.

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