First Communion diadem. DIY crafts

First Communion diadem. DIY crafts

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If your daughter is going to make her First Communion, we help you save with the cost of the dress, how? You can make one yourself at home nice headband easily and, above all, very economical.

With this First Communion headband girls will look very cute and will perfectly complete their dress. In 20 minutes you will have a very beautiful hair accessory for the girl. You know, do it yourself or ... DIY!


  • Mouse tail tape
  • Diadem
  • Felt
  • Beads
  • Liquid silicone

In We have made four circles out of mouse tail tape, but you can create other shapes and sizes by following these simple steps.

1- Cut a piece of mouse tail tape and put a little silicone on one of the ends and before starting to turn on itself. Also add silicone as the circle grows.

2- You can make as many circles as you want and you choose the size of it. When you have them, glue them on white felt and trim the excess felt.

3- Glue beads on the craft, they can be pearls, rhinestones or even a small flower.

4- Glue the craft on the white headband and you already have a nice and inexpensive headband for First Communion.

Craft made by Rocio Jimenez

Video: DIY First Communion Gift Idea (July 2022).


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