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Meaning of the name Juan. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Juan. Name for boys

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If you are looking for a strong, short and direct name for your baby who is about to be born, you are in the right place. Throughout the following paragraphs we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the meaning of name Juan, its origin, its saints, its variants in other languages ​​... With all this information, it will be easier for you to decide if you want to give your child this name or prefer to discard it. We started!

There are many parents who are very clear that they want an English name for their children, other parents in love with Germany prefer German nicknames ... Knowing where the name comes from is very important for some couples. Well, you should know that Juan is a masculine name of Hebrew origin.

If we went back many many years we would not find many Juanes on the street, but we would hear quite a few Ioannes or Yehohanan. And it is that the experts assure that the name Juan of today comes from these roots.

If knowing the origin of a name is important, it is even more important to discover its meaning, right? This can be decisive when ruling out certain names. In the case of Juan, we speak of a name related to religion, since its meaning is 'Yahweh's compassion' or 'Yahweh is favorable'. On the other hand, we can also find that it means 'the merciful or compassionate' or 'the one who is faithful to God'.

Juan is a very old name that has been in use for several centuries. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is a very deep-rooted and frequent name in the Catholic religion. On the one hand we have Saint John Baptist, who predicted the arrival of the Messiah. But we can't forget either Saint John the Evangelist, who was a disciple of Jesus.

From there, many parents have chosen it to call their babies. A few decades ago, its popularity was absolute since it was one of the most frequent names among newborns. Although its use has decreased slightly today, still one of parents' favorite options from different countries of the world. Sometimes it is used in its simple form, but it is also very popular in combination with other names to form a nice and forceful compound name.

Among all the names, it is possible that Juan is one of the most prominent of the saints. It's amazing to check how many days of the year is an onomastic celebrated related to a saint with this name. More than 15 days a year! Imagine that all those days came together in the same month ... we would spend at least half a month celebrating this saints!

Among all these dates, we would like to highlight two in particular due to their relevance. On the one hand, the 24th of June when the day of San Juan Bautista is celebrated. This day is celebrated in some countries because, in addition to celebrating the Saint John onomastics, these days the arrival of summer occurs in the northern hemisphere. In Spain, for example, bonfires are lit on the beaches that, by jumping over them, bring good luck and grant the wishes you ask for.

On the other hand, we talk about the December 27, the date on which we celebrate Saint John the Evangelist. To this saint, who in addition to being the author of the Gospel of John wrote the Apocalypse, several miracles are attributed to him, such as drinking a glass of wine with poison without anything happening to him.

Other dates of the saints of Juan are:

  • On January 31
  • February 4 and 14
  • The 8th of March
  • May 16
  • June 12
  • August 12, 19, and 29
  • September 13
  • October 9, 11 and 23
  • December 4, 14, 17 and 27

If you are going to give your child this name, surely you will be curious to know what famous historical figures they were called the same.

  • Johann Strauss, Austrian musician (1825)
  • Juan Gris, Spanish painter (1886)
  • Joan Miró, Spanish painter (1893)
  • John Kennedy, American politician (1917)
  • Juan Goytisolo, Spanish writer (1931)
  • Juan Carlos I, King of Spain (1938)
  • Joan Manuel Serrat, Spanish singer-songwriter (1943)
  • John Lennon, English musician (1944)
  • Juan Luis Guerra, Dominican singer (1957)
  • Sean Penn, American actor (1960)
  • Joan Laporta, president of F.C.Barcelona (1962)
  • Juan Martín del Potro, Argentine tennis player (1988)
  • Juan Betancourt, Cuban actor and model (1990)

Did you know that the middle son of the Argentine actress and comedian Flor Peña is also called Juan?

The numerology of names establishes that each one of us has a number from 1 to 9 according to the number that the letters of our name add up to. In Juan's case, this number is ... 1!

But what does this mean? Numerology determines that babies who are related to the same number have some shared traits. In this way, 1 corresponds to leadership. That is why these babies often have a very strong personality and make friends easily. Their curiosity and way of being so enthusiastic attracts many other children to them.

On the other side of the scale, we have to talk about stubborn children who often refuse to follow the rules set by their parents. Patience with them!

[Read +: The numerology of baby names]

Surely you know someone with a compound name with Juan. Together with José, it is one of the most frequent names to form a compound name. If you also want to give your baby two names, keep in mind the following combinations that sound so good.

In addition, we reveal the meaning of the second name, the one that accompanies Juan.

  • Juan Antonio. Name of Greek origin that names a family from Ancient Rome.
  • Juan Jose. It has Hebrew origin and means 'to add'.
  • Juan Luis. Luis comes from German and means 'victorious warrior'.
  • Juan Carlos. Name that is also German and means 'strong man'.
  • Juan Pablo. Of Latin origin, it means 'small'.
  • Juan Pedro. Nice Aramaic name meaning 'stone'.
  • Juan Diego. It comes from the Greek and means 'wise'.

It sure makes you very curious to know how it will be said the name Juan in other languages, true?

  • In Catalan it's Joan
  • In Basque it is Jon
  • In German it is Hans or Johannes
  • In Arabic it is يحيى (Yaḥyā)
  • In Bulgarian it is Yoan
  • In Czech it is Jan
  • In Chinese it is 約翰 (Yuēhàn)
  • In Esperanto it is Johano
  • In French it's Jean
  • In Greek it is Ioannis
  • In English it's John
  • In Italian it's Giovanni
  • In Japanese it is フ ア ン (Fuan)
  • In Portuguese it's Joao
  • In Russian it is Ivan

Although Juan is a very short, one-syllable name, its popularity has led to dozens of diminutives and other ways of calling Juan's name.

For example like diminutives of Juan we have to point out some like Juanito, Juani, Juanín, Juancho ... But, as a loan from other languages, it is also common to hear names like Johnny or Gianni.

You also have to know that Juan and Iván are equivalent names, although the first is more popular than the second. If we look for the variants of Iván in other languages ​​we come across Iban (in Basque) or Yvan (in French).

Did you know that Juan has several patronymic? These are usually surnames that arise from a name (something very common in Russia, by the way). They refer to the name of the father, that is, it would be something like 'son of'. In the case of Juan, surnames should be named as Yáñez and Ibañéz. Believe it or not, according to the etymology these two have come from this name, just like the English Johnson (which comes from John).

Juan is a versatile name, since it also has a feminine version: Juana. Although in countries like Spain it is less and less used, in others like Mexico it is still the order of the day. In fact, it is one of those names for women that usually appear in the first 10 positions of the most frequent names.

Have you already decided? Will you call your son Juan?

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