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Why do mothers say they would not go on vacation with their friends

Why do mothers say they would not go on vacation with their friends

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If motherhood has taught me something and, above all, my two daughters, it is to be a more tolerant person and not to judge others for their conduct or behavior. Who am I to criticize if a woman decides to go on vacation alone with her friends and without her children and husband! Or, on the contrary, what do I gain from giving an opinion (for or against) aboutthose mothers who say they would not go on vacation with their friends.The explanation is in how each one lives motherhood, and that is that there is no single way to be a mother, there are as many as women live in this world! And that is the beauty of this adventure that many of us decided to undertake. We're different!

Some mothers, to feel better and more animated, need to have their moment for themselves. Escape from everything that raising a child means for a while to recharge your batteries and come back with more energy. On the other hand, there are others who organize everything around their family, and nothing happens!

It is like that mother who works at home and does not need anything else, or those who have not wanted the fact of having children to have slowed down their working career. Which is the best option? There is no good cop or bad cop here; here the extremes do not work; here there is no white, black or gray; here the only thing that is certain is that each one has to do what her heart tells her to do.

A few days ago I wrote an article titled 'Mothers should go on vacation alone without children once a year. ', based on a study conducted by a psychology professor at Marymount Manhattan College (New York). I remember that I sent it to my friend Carolina -those people that life puts in your way for something good- and her answer was: '48 hours without your mice? You wouldn't last 4.8 hours without them!

And I think he has some reason because I admit and confess that, although I really want to organize a girls trip and I even look for places and make proposals in the WhatsApp group of my friends, I have not yet cut the umbilical cord with my little ones and Many times, I end up cracking and trading a weekend getaway for a coffee or a couple of hours dinner.

And, it seems, I am not the only one who thinks this way because there have been many who have commented and argued us on our Facebookwhy wouldn't you go on vacation alone with your friends. Do you want to know the main reasons?

1. 'When I have traveled alone, what I always repeat to myself is' My daughter would love this and this and that, so I prefer to bring her with me and that we enjoy together. They will grow and go. You have to take advantage of that time with them. Yes it is true that we get tired, but that is being a mother: caring for them, loving them and giving them new experiences' (Hildja Js).

2. 'If I have a great time with them, how can I leave them !!!! At most a few hours for a coffee, but one day and another and another I think it would be a pain '(Eri Bullele Castillo).

3. 'The privilege of being a mother is so wonderful that all you think about is enjoying that experience and spending all the time in the world with your family. Then they grow up and go in search of their own family '(Rosita K-rreon).

4. 'Sometimes it makes me want to, but then I think I would miss them a lot' (Wendy Anglade).

5. 'I just don't want and don't want to be away from them. I like the stage I'm in and I enjoy it with my children because in the blink of an eye everything will change. When they grow up, I will have all the time of my life to travel. (Ana Arriaga).

6. 'I would miss my baby and my husband so much that I would go back before I arrived. They are my life! (Phoebe Ruth).

7. 'I could never, because I would not be calm knowing that she is not with me, so it would not be a relaxing vacation at all. I definitely prefer to go with her. ' (Ellen Seron).

8. 'The idea is excellent, but I can't imagine being far from my son, I would not be calm! All the time he would be wondering if he has eaten, has bathed or what he is doing. (Veronik Aguilar).

9. 'From my point of view, it makes me very selfish to want to go out and enjoy without family, this makes it seem as if family is like a stone in the shoe to be happy.' (Yadira Galindo).

The holidays with children They can be a good time for the family to get out of the routine, abandon the daily stress of school-work, after school, homework, chores and reconnect. During this time off, you don't need to organize anything, just let yourself go!

As in some cases it is necessary to have a plan B, here are some simple ideas that you can do with the children the next time you go on vacation and that will bring you closer together:

- Journey to the past
Does your son know what you were like at his age? Perhaps in one of the walks you take on the beach or in the mountains you can look back and confess that you were just as trashy as he was.

- To write a diary
Holidays are always special. Why not immortalize all these good moments that await you ahead in a diary? In it you can include your best photos, also the tickets of the places you visit, some object (a shell or a dried flower) and, of course, you have to write your best moments on its pages.

- The world ball game
We suggest that you get a world map and that, destination you go to, place that you mark on your world map. It will be fun to see how you are leaving your mark around the world!

- Laughter marathon
It is more than proven! Laughing frees our mind from negative thoughts and energies. What are you waiting for to organize the 1st family laugh therapy meeting? You can tickle each other, tell jokes, imagine yourself in strange situations ... Everything is good to laugh without stopping!

- Draw to meet you
Do you want to know what your child really thinks of you? You've probably wondered about it and, probably also, it just gave off a few disjointed onomatopoeias without adding much else. If you really want to know something about your child, tell him to paint it! One morning or one afternoon, take out blank pages, assorted paintings, and draw each other. You will be surprised with the result!

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