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Meaning of the name Alejandro. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Alejandro. Name for boys

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Since We share your great joy for the arrival of your baby very soon. Congratulations, dads! A new stage opens in your lives in which the family will grow. Now is the time to prepare for her birth: her clothes, her room ... and her name! Have you already thought about what you are going to call it? We help you make a list of the names for children that you like the most. This time we tell you everything related to the name Alejandro: its meaning, its origin, its saints ... Let's start!

Do you know any Alejandro? The answer is most likely yes, since it is a very common name. In fact, in Spain it is one of the most used names for babies in recent decades. It is a name with a long history, since it has been in use for many years. However, and thanks to its many variants, it remains one of the preferred options for fathers with boys.

And why did this name become so famous? To answer this question we must go back in time. Perhaps one of the great people responsible for the name becoming so popular was himself Alexander the Great, the creator in the 4th century BC. of one of the greatest empires in all history.

However, this name also appeared in the New Testament to call various characters (such as, for example, one of the sons of Simon of Cyrene). And did you know that Paris, the character of the Illíada, was also called Alejandro?

Although Alejandro is a very frequent name, the meaning and origin of the name is not well known. Is about a masculine name of Greek origin.

The name Alejandro comes from the union of two Greek words. On the one hand it comes from alexios, which means something like 'reject', 'protect' or 'repel'. Added to this is andrós, which means 'man'. Therefore, putting these two words together we have 'he who rejects men' or 'the one who protects men'. That is why it is often said that Alejandro means 'the defender' or 'the protector'.

There are several dates on which the day of Saint Alexander is celebratedHowever, the most common among families with children with this name is February 26. This day is celebrated in honor of Bishop Alexander of Alexandria, born in the middle of the second century.

However, these are some of the other dates that you could congratulate the Alexandros on their saint.

  • January 15, Alejandro el Acemeta
  • March 18, the martyr and bishop Alexander of Jerusalem
  • May 3, Pope Alexander I
  • August 11, Alexander the coalman, bishop of Comana Pontica
  • November 6, the Bishop of Corsica Alejandro Pauli
  • December 1, the English martyr Alexander Briant

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Compound names are a very recurring option when choosing a baby's name. Sometimes combining two names serves to satisfy both parts of the family, but also to pay homage to two loved ones or to give the child a stronger name.

It doesn't matter what the reason is that you want to give your child a compound name. The really important thing is to find the combination that best suits Alejandro.

  • Jorge Alejandro. Jorge is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who works the land'.
  • Jose Alejandro. Joseph has Hebrew origin and means 'Yahweh has erased'.
  • Mateo Alejandro. Did you know that Mateo is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the gift of God'?
  • Pablo Alejandro. Pablo has Latin origin and means 'little man'.
  • Alejandro Luis. This second name is German and means 'victorious warrior'.
  • Alejandro Daniel. It is a name of Hebrew origin that comes from 'justice of God'.
  • Alejandro Jesus. It is a Hebrew name that comes from 'Yahweh is the savior'.
  • Alejandro Adrián. The origin of Adrián is Latin and means 'sea'.

Many parents are excited to know that other people have been named after their son, especially when we talk about historical figures who have had a special relevance. For all of them, we have prepared the following list with some of the famous people who have been called Alejandro throughout history in different corners of the world.

  • Alessandro Volta, Italian chemist (1745)
  • Alexander Dumas, French novelist and playwright (1802)
  • Alexander Fleming, British scientist (1881)
  • Alessandro Baricco, Italian writer (1958)
  • Álex de la Iglesia, Spanish filmmaker (1965)
  • Alejandro Sanz, Spanish singer (1968)
  • Àlex Crivillé, Spanish motorcycle racer (1970)
  • Alejandro Fernández, Mexican singer (1971)
  • Alejandro Amenábar, Spanish film director (1972)
  • Alessandro del Piero, Italian footballer (1974)
  • Àlex Corretja, Spanish tennis player (1974)
  • Alexandre Pires, Brazilian singer and songwriter (1976)

Famous people also like the name Alejandro a lot. That is why there are several who have chosen it to call their children. The young son of Real Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos and presenter Pilar Rubio is called Alejandro.

Alejandro is a name with, nothing more and nothing less, 9 letters and 4 syllables. Therefore, it is not surprising that many and very varied diminutives have emerged in different corners of the world. Álex, Jandro, Ale, Andro, Jano, Chano, Alito, Lex, Sasha ...

Alejandro also has several variants for girls. The most used is Alejandra and Alexandra, but others such as Alexa or Sandra are also frequent.

Some experts explain that Alejo or Alexis are names different from Alejandro and, therefore, they cannot be considered to be variants.

We pack our bags and go around the world to find out how to say Alejandro in different languages ​​... And this is the result!

  • In German: Aleksandër, Lisandër or Sandër
  • In Arabic: الإسكندر (Al-Eskándar)
  • In Bosnian: Aleksandar
  • In boy: Alexandr
  • In Chinese: 亞歷山大 (Alishanda or Yalishanda)
  • In Esperanto: Aleksandro
  • In Basque: Alexandro
  • In French: Alexandre
  • In Greek: Αλέξανδρος (Alexandros)
  • In Hindi: अलक्षेन्द्र (Alakshendra, Sikandar)
  • In Hungarian: Sándor
  • In English: Alexander
  • In Italian: Alessandro
  • In Portuguese: Alexandre
  • In Russian: Александр (Aleksandr), Саша (Sasha)

Do you know what is the number that corresponds to the name of Alexander according to numerology? The 8! This number is obtained by adding the figures that correspond to each of the letters of the name, taking into account the alphabet.

Babies related to number 8they are very active and dynamic. So much so that they don't stop for a second a day moving around and exploring the world around them. They usually have a hard time focusing and taking on the responsibilities that are required of them. They are very nice and pleasant, hence they have so many good friends.

And to finish, we tell you some curiosities related to this name.

- Alexander, a name of kings
There are many kings who have carried Alexander as their real name in countries such as Bulgaria, Scotland, Macedonia, Russia ... And, of course, there have also been several popes of the Catholic Church who have been called that way throughout history .

- Places in the world with the name of Alexander
This name is so beautiful that many towns or localities have wanted to incorporate Alejandro or some of its variants to their name. We are talking, for example, of Alexandria (in Egypt) or the Alexander Archipelago (of the United States).

- Alejandro is also a surname
In Spain and some Latin countries, Alejandro is also used as a surname, although it is more common as a first name.

- Tales of this name
If you finally decide that you want to name your son Alejandro, you will be very excited to read a story whose main characters or characters are called Alejandro. In we have several stories like 'The Kind Gardener', which teaches the value of kindness to children.

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