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Beautiful decoration butterflies for your children's princess party

Beautiful decoration butterflies for your children's princess party

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When you organize a themed birthday party, the first thing to think about is the theme on which the celebration is going to be based. Once you have it clear, you have to focus on the decoration for your children's party! If you invest the necessary time in it, you will be able to personalize it and give it a unique and original touch that will surprise the guests. You're thinking about organize a princess party? You can not miss some lovely butterflies made of tissue paper pom poms!

This is a very colorful and easy craft for children to do, since very few materials are needed. You will really enjoy making this beautiful children's craft as a family and they will look great hanging on the main table where the snack will be served, or on a sweet table. Take note!


  • Silk paper
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pipe cleaner

To start with this craft, you have to choose a tissue paper of the color that you like the most. We have chosen the color pink, but since it is about you choosing your favorite princess, it would be very wise to choose the color that characterizes her. And any shade is valid: blue, green, orange ... In fact, you can use them all and make millions of butterflies that flutter around your children's party.

Have you already chosen the color? Well let's get started! Follow the steps little by little and carefully so that the appearance of your butterfly is 10. Ready, set ... let's get to work!

1. Start cutting 7 or 8 sheets of tissue paper of that beautiful color that you have taken. Try to be about the size of a sheet of paper. Place them on top of each other.

2. Turn the tissue paper sheets so they are vertical and fold them all together in an accordion shape. Take a good look at the image how we have done it. And how big does the fold have to be? As you want! We have given it a thickness of about 2 cm, a reasonable size to make the butterfly look beautiful.

3. When you have your paper accordion ready (no, we were wrong, we are still going to make these wonderful butterflies), you have to tie it with a thread right in the middle. This way, the shape will be kept without moving. It looks more like a butterfly, right?Tie it tight so that your butterfly's wings do not escape! Now you can cut off the excess thread with the scissors.

4. Now comes the step that will give a very showy effect! Begin to separate the sheets of paper, first on one side ... and then on the other! It looks like your butterfly is coming to life, right? How pretty!

Working with tissue paper is very pleasant and relaxing, if you have had a day full of activity, you can take the opportunity to listen to relaxing music while doing this beautiful craft. Surely both adults and children end up very very relaxed and with some lovely pom pom butterflies.

5. Now is the time to install the pipe cleaner! Fold the pipe cleaner in half and place it so that it holds the center of the pompom, as if it were a clothespin. Leave about 6 cm of the pipe cleaner on each side. Remember to put the closed part of the pipe cleaner down, since this will be the body of the butterfly.

6. To shape the body of the butterfly you have to start screw on the pipe cleaner by turning it on itself from the center of the pom pom down. And to shape the head, you just have to screw the upper part of the pipe cleaner 2 or 3 times in the same way, then shape the antennas.

And you already have a beautiful butterfly that you can give the volume you want! Alone you need to tie a string to hang from the ceiling ... and voila! What a beautiful decoration and so simple to do for your themed children's party.

You can also mix sheets of tissue paper of different colors. There are different shades and even patterned tissue papers! Let your imagination fly as if it were a cute butterfly.

If you want your children's princess party to be full of butterflies, take note of the following crafts that can inspire you.

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- How to draw a butterfly
You can also organize a drawing contest and ask participants to draw their favorite butterfly. To help them make them more beautiful, you can show them this video tutorial that shows how to draw them.