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The well of music. Children's story for children to love music

The well of music. Children's story for children to love music

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Joy, excitement, anger ... Music, whatever the style (rock and roll, classical, bachata ...), makes something inside us move without even realizing it or being aware of it. And that is what happens to Martín, the protagonist of 'The well of music ', a story for children to love music and get caught by it. Try reading this story one afternoon when you are calm and relaxed, it will attract a lot of attention!

Music came from the bottom of the well. Martín got dangerously close to the edge of the hole, and slipping fell down it; it had a depth of more than thirty feet. Although he expected her to scream, not a moan came from her throat. Miraculously, when he reached the bottom he had not a scratch, it seemed that someone had wrapped him in cotton during the fall so that he did not suffer damage.

Fortunately, the well had hardly any water. Martín was not scared. He got up, smoothed his hair, wrung out his shirt sleeves, and began to walk down a dark, narrow tunnel in the wall of the well, following the beautiful musical notes.

He walked more than half a kilometer, blindly, feeling the walls. The rocky corridor was getting wider and wider. He didn't know why, but there he was safe. The music was getting closer and closer, and at the end of the tunnel he saw the light.

He came to a large room where there was no one. It was decorated as he remembered seeing in an old movie: a large table and six chairs, made of noble wood, an old couch upholstered in brown leather, a huge mirror, and by the window there was a harp that immediately caught his attention .

Driven by an irremediable impulse, he went there, ran his fingers over the wooden frame of the precious instrument, and felt a pleasant tingling that ran through his entire body. He stroked the strings of the harp and felt an immense happiness take over his person. Something was wrong with him that he couldn't explain. Martín began to strum the strings of the instrument, and the more notes came out, the more he separated from the ground, he felt lighter and was filled with light and well-being.

He could no longer stop playing the harp; such was the need I had to continue creating music. In a short time it became transparent, and ended up disappearing. The well of music thus trapped music lovers. Another was on the way.

It is becoming more and more common to see how pregnant mothers put cases around their tummy so that their little one begins to listen to music. And there are many studies that talk about the benefits it has for the development of children.

- It favors the capacity of attention and concentration.

- Stimulates emotional intelligence, the one in charge of controlling emotions, hence it is said that 'music soothes beasts'.

- Improves the child's ability to express himself better, And there are many singers who are horrible at speaking in public but, on the other hand, when they start to compose they bring out the deepest part that is in them.

- Activates the brain and promotes muscle development, because on many occasions the music is accompanied by movements.

- Stimulates the imagination and the creativity of the little ones.

- Reduces anxiety and stress symptoms and it allows children to be more patient and take things easier.

- Develop other skills. According to a study in the Journal of Educational Piscology, children who study music score better in English, math and science.

Do you still lack reasons to instill this hobby in your children and let them feel trapped by music?

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