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Magical unicorn bags for sweets. Children's princess party

Magical unicorn bags for sweets. Children's princess party

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Giving away a bag full of trinkets has become a custom of all children's birthdays. So that your princesses and princes children's party be the most original, we suggest you customize this essential detail of all celebrations. Learn how to step by step magical unicorn bags with Origami where you can put the sweets or any other birthday memory.

It is a simple Origami craft that will allow you to have a special, homemade and personalized memory for your guests. What boy or girl doesn't like unicorns!


  • Folio DIN A4
  • White, pink and yellow eva rubber
  • Felt pens
  • Glue

We started creating magic! We have the strength and energy of unicorns, so these bags are going to be 10. Carefully follow the step by step and you will get a beautiful result. 3, 2, 1 ... Go!

1. Begin by picking up a sheet of paper. We have used a normal white sheet, but you can use colored sheets! In fact, you can make each bag a different color to have unicorns of many different types.

Place the sheet vertically and fold it from the bottom up, leaving a margin of about 2 cm at the top. Mark the fold well.

2. Now open the folio and turn it to the right, placing it horizontally, then double the margin that you left in the previous step inside; Mark the fold well and spread glue over the margin.

3. Next, close the page again so that the right side is glued and mark a margin of about 5 cm roughly at the bottom. Fold by the mark you just made, and don't forget to mark each fold you make well.

4. To continue with this origami craft, you have to bring down the peaks of the fold that you just made in the previous step, and fold them as we show you in the photo. Too easy!

5. Undo the last two steps. You have to unfold the two peaks and the bottom margin to be able to open and fold the paper forming two triangles at the ends. See how we do it!

6. We are about to finish! The time has come to make the base of the paper bag, for this you have to fold the bottom of the margin from bottom to top, slightly exceeding the central part, as we show you below.

7. To end this part, fold the top over and stick it with glue.

8. Surely you are looking great! Now fold the two sides of the bag giving them a width of 1 cm approximately. Mark these two folds well because later you will have to open it and hollow it out, and use all the marks as a guide to fold them, this time, inwards. This step is very intuitive, open the bag, insert your hand and shape it.

9. Got it! You already have in your hands a homemade paper bag for your birthday party. Use the markers to paint the eyes of a unicorn. You can paint them open or closed, and you can also use the marker of the color that you like best; we have chosen purple and painted some very happy little eyes.

10. To continue with the decoration of the paper bag for sweets, you have to cut out a yellow eva rubber horn and two white and pink eva rubber ears taking into account the width of the bag that you have obtained. Glue all these accessories on the inside of the bag, and from here on, we suggest you give free rein to your imagination to personalize it, for example, drawing the unicorn's snout, a flower crown, the name of the guests or the date of the birthday. How beautiful your bag!

And what options do you have to put inside these magical unicorn bags? Here are some fun ideas to personalize your princess themed party.

- A few sweets
The trinkets are a classic of the birthday parties, however, we know that their consumption should be limited. You can make your own homemade sweets that will surely drive all the guests at your party crazy.

- The most delicious homemade cookies
Homemade cookies are also a great option to fill in these cute unicorn bags. We encourage you to prepare them with your children, since it is an excellent activity to have a fun time all together. It can even be a great game to entertain the children who come to your party. You can prepare them together and, when they are baked, you can take them home in these bags. Buy molds of crowns, castles, flowers, stars ... that are very consistent with your princess themed party.

- Princes, princesses and dragons stickers
If there is something that all children love, it is ... stickers! (Although we parents do not like them so much because they always end up stuck where you least expect it). You can fill these bags with some stickers according to your theme party, that the children can put where they like the most.

- Thematic short stories
What if you give children stories that tell about kings and queens from far away places? Of brave princesses facing dragons? They will love them! You have to find stories that are small in size or you will have to make the bag bigger. What if you write and illustrate the stories yourself?

- Small crowns for princesses and princes
Your bags can also contain little princess and prince crowns that your guests can put on their heads to finish their transformation.

Have a great time at your children's princess party! And may the unicorns be with you!