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The most comprehensive guide to compound names for boys and girls

The most comprehensive guide to compound names for boys and girls

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As the saying goes: 'for tastes, colors'. And that is precisely what happens with baby name combinations. There are parents who love them while others reject them immediately. If you are from the first group and you are waiting for the birth of your son or daughter, you are in the right place: in the great complete guide to compound names for boys and girls.

Below we have compiled the different most frequent baby names and we propose other names that combine with them. In addition, we accompany each option with its origin and meaning, a fact that will help you choose one or the other. What name combines with Maria? And with David? We solve it below!

Before we start brainstorming names, we've put together a few arguments in favor of giving kids two names, just in case you're still in doubt.

1. When you can't tell yourself by just one name
Compound names are a very useful resource for indecisive parents. And it is that there are so many beautiful names, that it is difficult to stay with only one. If you are lucky enough that the two names that you like the most combine well when put together, you already have a perfect compound name for your baby!

2. If mom and dad don't agree
The time comes to choose what your little one is going to be called and you can't agree. Instead of voting or random, why not keep both names? Now it will only be left to choose if the first name is the one that Mom likes or the one that Dad likes.

3. You allow your child to decide his name
By choosing two names for your son or daughter, you give them the opportunity that, when they grow up, they can choose which one they like the most. If you give it a simple name, it will have to stay with it for life (unless it decides to go to the registry to change it).

4. Make a tribute to two special people
Sometimes, we choose our child's name in honor of someone important in the family or friends. But, by putting a compound name you can, for example, involve the two grandmothers or the two grandfathers.

5. Give a touch of tradition to your child's name
It is undeniable that compound names sound traditional and elegant. And that is why parents like them so much that they are looking for a nickname with a lot of history.

If you have already been given the news that you are expecting the arrival of a male baby, this is the list that interests you the most. And we started by proposing ideas of compound names designed for children. Let's go there!

- Compound names with José, the most traditional

When choosing a compound name for your baby, you can lean towards the more modern options or towards the more traditional ones. In the latter case, you will love the name combinations with José. And this is one of the most frequent and safest options when it comes to forming double names: José Luis, José Ramón, José Carlos ...

The popularity of this name is largely due to its homage to Joseph, the putative father of Jesus. In fact, the most frequent diminutive of José is Pepe because it responds to the acronym of pater putativus (P.P.). We speak of a name of Hebrew origin that means 'Yahweh has erased'.

If you are looking for names composed with José, you cannot miss all the options that we propose.

- What names combine with Juan

We come across another of the names most used to form compound names: Juan. And it is not surprising, because it is a short name (only four letters) that is easy to combine with others. Sounds good next to other short names, but also next to long names: Juan Antonio, Juan José, Juan Manuel ...

Juan is a name also of Christian tradition. Its origin is Hebrew, from 'Yôhannaan', and it means 'Yahweh is favorable'. Currently, there are several dates to celebrate the saint of all Juanes, but the most frequent is June 24.

We recommend that you do not miss the compilation that we have made of names that combine perfectly with Juan.

- You will love these names composed with Santiago

Santiago, in its different variants, is a very common name for children from anywhere in the world. Santiago, Jaime, Jacobo, Thiago, Diego, Yago, etc. they have arrived, and are very frequent, in all Ibero-American countries. Santiago David, Brian Santiago, José Santiago ...

This name means 'the one who changes' and its big day is celebrated on July 25, the day of Saint James the Apostle. Did you know that he is the patron of Spain?

If you are thinking of giving your baby boy a name with such tradition, do not miss all the compound names that we have come up with.

- Pedro and his most beautiful combinations

Pedro is a traditional name that, although it is used less and less, can continue to be considered a very heard name on the streets. By forming compound names we find ideas like Pedro Abel, Pedro Tomás or Luis Pedro. Which one do you like best for your babies?

Before deciding on one or the other, you should know that we are talking about a name of Latin origin that means 'stone'. February 21 is its day of celebration, in honor of San Pedro.

If you like the character and mettle that this name conveys, don't miss out on all the options we've been collecting to help you.

- The names that sound best together Alejandro

Alejandro is one of those names that sound modern, despite the fact that they have been sounding strongly for some decades. And it is that there are many possibilities to be formed from it: Alejandro Jesús, José Alejandro, Carlos Alejandro, etc.

Of Greek origin, Alexander means 'the one who protects men'. And if we had to mention only one famous Alexander throughout history who goes by that name, that would be Alexander the Great. The name day of this name is celebrated on February 26.

To see more names composed with Alejandro, don't miss our list.

- Names that match Manuel perfectly

Manuel is a very special name that has been used for many years. It's one of those sweet and cuddly sounding names, right? And there are many options when it comes to forming compound names: José Manuel, Juan Manuel, Manuel Jesus, Manuel Antonio ...

Did you know that Manuel is of Hebrew origin and means 'God is with us'? You will never forget to congratulate him on the day of his saint, because it is January 1.

Get inspired by the list of names composed with Manuel that we have made with the best name ideas.

- Nice ideas to combine with Javier

Many parents choose Javier for their children because he has a very beautiful and impetuous sound. In addition, it is one of those names that are very grateful when it comes to forming a double combination. There are many possibilities that sound good: José Javier, Luis Javier, Javier Juan, Javier Alejandro ...

Javier's name comes directly from the Basque Country, an area in northern Spain where Basque is spoken. It means something like 'new house or castle'. The most used diminutive in this one is Javi.

If you want to bet on this name and make it composed, check this selection that we propose.

- The best names composed with Antonio

Antonio, Tony, Antón, Anthony ... There are many options from this name. And, best of all, you can make dozens of very nice compound names from this name. Some options are Antonio José, Antonio Iván, Pablo Antonio... Which one sounds better to you?

If you like this name for your child, you should know that its origin is unknown, although there are experts who suggest that it could be Latin. In this case, its meaning would be 'he who is brave'.

To give you more options, we have expanded the list of names composed with Antonio with many more ideas.

- Names that match Angel

José Ángel, Ángel Antonio, Luis Ángel, Ángel Juan ... There are many options for compound names that this name proposes. Angel is a name with a deep religious sense. However, its roots are Greek and its meaning 'the messenger of God'. Its saints are celebrated every October 2. Don't forget to congratulate all the Angels you meet!

For more ideas of compound names, check out this list of names.

- Names that match Luis

Luis, a beautiful, classic and ideal name for your male child who is about to be born. It is a name that has reached all corners of the world in different variants: Ludovico, Ludwig, Louis ... And that's why many parents choose it for their children. And when converting it into a compound name, we come up with ideas such as: Luis Miguel, Luis David, Juan Luis or Ángel Luis.

It is a proper name for children that has German origin, it comes from afar! Specifically, its root is found in 'Hlodowig'. Its meaning is something like 'enlightened person in battle'.

In case you are looking for compound names with Luis, check out the more extensive list we have created.

- Give your child a compound name with David

When choosing one name or another, we often get carried away by how it sounds. And in David's case, the name sounds really nice, right? That is why, even today, it is still very common among newborn babies. And when it comes to finding combinations: David Luis, Marcos David, David Román ...

The origin of this name is Hebrew and there are different versions of its meaning: 'the one chosen by God' or 'The one who is loved', etc. We've come up with some two-name ideas starting with David, but there are more options. Do not miss it!

- Names for boys that match Carlos

Carlos, Charlie, Karl, Carles, Kaarel ... Carlos has reached all countries and all languages. So it is not uncommon for him to have given some popular compound names such as José Carlos, Carlos Alberto or Juan Carlos.

In its origin, it is a German name whose meaning is 'He who is wise'. However, there are scholars who assure that its meaning is 'that which is free'.

In our site you will find even more ideas of compound names with Carlos.

There are many names for girls that are very beautiful and have a very special meaning. Among all of them, we have selected the following with their respective combinations. What is your favorite?

- Names that match Maria

If there is a frequent name for girls when it comes to forming compound names, it is Maria. And, there was a time when all the little girls who were given a name as beautiful as this had a second name: María del Carmen, María Elena, María José, María Camila ... They all sound so pretty!

Before choosing any of these names, you should know that Mary is a very special name, because that is how the mother of Jesus was called. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the chosen one' or 'the one loved by God'.

Be sure to visit the list of combinations with Maria that we have prepared.

- Why give your daughter a compound name with Ana

Ana is a great name as a compound nickname because it is so short. In this way, it combines well with any other appellation, without becoming an eternal name. In addition, Ana can be used both as first and second names: Ana Isabel, Ana Belén, Ana María; or Rosa Ana, Samantha Ana or Ana Sofía.

Ana is also a name of Hebrew origin, which means 'beneficent' or 'full of grace'. It is the name of the grandmother of Jesus and mother of the Virgin Mary and, for this reason, on the day of her saints, July 26, Grandparents' Day is celebrated.

Take a look at the selection of compound names with Ana that we have created to help you.

- These names match Elena

Elena's name, which is often spelled with 'h' (Helena), sounds very elegant. We can't help but think of Helen of Troy. It can be a good base to form a double name: María Elena, Ana Elena, Carmen Elena, Laura Elena, etc.

The origin of this name is Greek and its beautiful means 'bright and resplendent woman'. Your little girl will surely come into your life to fill it even more with light.

These are some of the names made with Elena, but there are many more.

- Daniela and the best compound names

As with its male version, Daniela is an increasingly common name among girls who are born. There are parents who choose it as a simple name, but others accompany it with other names: Daniela Lucía, María Daniela, Laura Daniela, etc.

Daniela's name has Hebrew roots and means 'Justice of God'. The saint of all so-called girls is July 21. Here you will find more options for compound names with Daniela.

- The best names that match Paula

How beautiful is Paula's name! Even though there are many girls who wear it, it sounds modern, right? But, if you want it to be really original, you can accompany it with another name and form beautiful compounds: Paula María, Paula Cristina, Ana Paula, etc.

If you are thinking of choosing it for your baby you should know that it comes from the Latin 'Paulus' and that it means 'little'. It is the feminine variant of Pablo.

We expanded the list of compound names with Paula.

- Nice names composed with Andrea

As you already know, Andrea is a unisex name that is used for both boys and girls. However, when we use it with a compound name, we make it clear whether it refers to a small or a small. Do you want some ideas of combinations with this name?

Don't miss out on all the names made up with Andrea.

- Very cute name combinations with Mariana

Mariana is a very common name in countries like Mexico. And there are many parents who bet on him, always combined with another beautiful name. This is how you get to nicknames like Mariana Lucía, Mariana Patricia or Mariana Corina.

On the one hand, the name of Mariana refers to everything related to the Virgin. Originally, this name was made up of María and Ana. But today it is used as a simple name.

You will find more names composed with Mariana, consult our compilation.

And beyond the combinations with other names, there are other possibilities that we cannot fail to offer you in this guide to compound names. Let's see some of them:

- The most popular compound names for boys
Sometimes the simplest and best thing to do is to choose a compound name that is very popular. If so many children have worn it throughout history, it will be for something, right? If you like frequent names with beautiful meanings, we suggest options such as: Juan Carlos, Luis Alberto, Miguel Ángel, Julio César or Carlos Alberto.

- Very popular compound names for girls
If you are also looking for names that are a guarantee of success, but you are expecting a girl, here you will also find many more name ideas. We refer to double nicknames that have been used for many decades and that have accompanied many girls. María Eugenia, Ana María, María Luisa, María Isabel, María de los Ángeles ... Surely you know several women with their names!

- Names made up of a single word
So far we have been talking about compound names made up of two names. However, there are parents who prefer to use contractions of both to obtain a single name. This is the case, for example, of names like Adaluna (Ada + Luna), Analís (Ana + Lis) or Albalicia (Alba + Alicia).

- Rare, but beautiful. Very original compound names
When it comes to creating compound names for babies, the important thing is to let your imagination fly and find a combination that sounds good to you. Creativity goes a long way, even for these somewhat strange compound names, but super original!

We hope that with this guide to compound names for babies It costs you a little less to choose what your son or daughter is going to be called. We only have one more thing to say to you: Congratulations on your baby!

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