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13 names for girls from Ecuador with their most attractive diminutives

13 names for girls from Ecuador with their most attractive diminutives

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One of the things that most characterizes Latin America is its tropical climate and its cheerful flavor, characteristics that are also reflected in the names of the people who enjoy their lands. Especially those that live in the cradle of the tropics. Below we have compiled some names for girls from Ecuador that you will love for how much they transmit. We have accompanied them with their most attractive diminutives, those that you will not want to stop using to call your daughter.

A curious fact about popular Ecuadorian names for girls is that they actually most of these come from foreign inspiration. This occurs thanks to all the people who have immigrated to this country and surpass those names from the Catholic or Hebrew tradition, as we can find in the rest of the Latin American countries. And, in addition, it is very typical to use diminutives to the names, because it is a tender way to call a baby.

Among the most common origins of names for girls in Ecuador are the Irish, Anglo-Saxon, German and Greek variations. So this country is considered to be a container of many cultures and integrate it to its own. They don't call you the center of the world for nothing, right?

Do you want to know more about their female names? Then don't miss the most popular and attractive Ecuadorian names for girls.

1. Ana
It is a proper name of Hebrew origin, being the Spanish variant of 'Hannah' which means 'She who is merciful'. A traditional but very beautiful name for girls, prevalent over time and easy to match.

Its diminutives are: Ann or Anita.

2. Sofia (Also written Sophia)
This beautiful, also traditional and ethereal name for girls has its origin in Greek roots and its meaning is 'Woman who has wisdom'.

Its diminutive is: Sofi.

3. Paula
One of the most popular names for girls in Ecuador. Its origin is in Latin and means 'Woman who is small and delicate'. A curious fact is that this used to be very popular in Roman times.

Its diminutives are: Pau or Paulita.

4. Camila
This name has some meanings, but the best known is 'The one who has God present' of its Latin origin. A very sweet option for girls, but those who wear it are usually very strong and determined.

Its diminutives are: Cam or Cami.

5. Doménica
It is the feminine variant of the masculine name Domenico. It is of Italian origin and means 'The one that belongs to the Lord' as a form of praise to God. A very popular and at the same time original name for girls.

Its diminutives are: Dom, Dome or Nica.

6. Karla
A spelling variant of Carla, she is of German origin and is Karl's feminine counterpart, so its meaning is 'She who is strong'. A very interesting option for a girl, both from Ecuador and from any other part of the world.

Its diminutives are: Karli or Karlita.

7. Sabina
It is of Latin origin and its meaning is a reference to an ancient Italian town called Sabina. Thanks to its origin, this name has remained a popular choice for girls' names in Ecuador.

Its diminutives are: Sabi or Bini.

And we continue to propose some more names for girls, but with one particularity: they all have foreign inspiration.

8 Isabella
Although it is popular in Italy, it is one of the most preferred in Ecuador for girls. Its origin is from the Hebrew Eli-zabad and means 'God will provide', although with the passage of time and adaptations, the Bella variant was added, alluding to the beauty of the name.

Its diminutives are: Isa, Bella, Bell or Isibel.

9. Samantha
This beautiful name for girls has several origins, the best known is Aramaic and means 'She who knows how to listen'. He also has a Greek one like 'Woman who enlightens by her wisdom'. Although he is a foreigner, he is one of the most popular in Ecuador.

Its diminutives are: Sam, Sami or Tati.

10. Emily
It is of Latin origin and means 'The one who works hard' referring to hardworking women. A very common name in English-speaking countries, but it is one of the most popular in Ecuador.

Its diminutives are: Emi, Em or Mily.

11. Susana
It has a beautiful meaning that alludes to the flowers 'As beautiful as lilies' and is said to be of Egyptian origin. Although this would be the diminutive of the original name Susana that refers to the lotus flowers.

Their diminutives are: Sue or Susi.

12. Damarys
It is of Greek origin and means 'married woman' to refer to women who were already engaged. It is a very common name in Europe and also as a popular name for girls in Ecuador.

Its diminutives are: Dama, Dami or Arys.

13. Kimberly
It is a feminine proper name of English origin, so it is very common in those English-speaking countries, but also in Ecuador, although it is not as popular as the rest, it is still an option to consider. Its meaning is 'She who has great strength'.

Its diminutives are: Kim or Kimy.

Take this inspiration list and choose the name that you like best and harmonize with your baby.

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