Why. Funny short poem about children's curiosity

Why. Funny short poem about children's curiosity

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All children go through a phase popularly known as the age of 'why'. And the reason why this period is called this is obvious: the little ones do not stop asking why behind everything that surrounds them. Children's curiosity begins to awaken and they want to know everything. Inspired by this need to know everything, Marisa Alonso has written this funny short poem entitled, how could it be otherwise, 'Why?'. Enjoy this poetry!

Why are there starfish?

Was the sky so blue

than a clueless star

the sea wanted to illuminate.

Why do roosters have a crest?

the chickens mocked,

that's why his crest grew

and thus they no longer murmured.

Why do lions have manes?

When the lion was bald

I wanted to have hair

and a lioness gave it to him

sick of hair salons.

Why do cats meow?

how it didn't sound bad,

they all decided

make it official language.

Why are there seahorses?

Among the waves of the sea

a horse trotted,

and he had such a good time

that in the background remained.

In addition to reading, reciting aloud, memorizing and illustrating this poem, you can take advantage of it to answer some of the most common questions among the little ones. In case your child does not ask you about them, you can pose the game in reverse and be the one who asks him. Thus, will put reasoning and logic to work to try to answer the questions you ask.

Here are some sample why questions you can ask her (and her answers to help you explain them).

- Why can fish breathe underwater and I can't?
Fish can raise many questions in children: why do fish swim? Why do they sleep with their eyes open? Why do they have scales? However, the first question that most comes to mind is: Why do fish breathe in water? You can explain to your child that, unlike us who have lungs, they have special organs called gills that allow them to take oxygen from the water and, in this way, breathe while swimming without having to surface.

- Why are there storms?
Many children are afraid of storms and understanding a little better can help them realize that they have nothing to fear. If your child has ever asked you why there are storms, tell him that it is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when cold air collides with warm air. Due to the contrast in temperatures, lightning, thunder, rain, etc. are formed.

- Why do chameleons change color?
The colors surround us ... and generate many questions in the little ones. One of the most frequent is related to chameleons, a cute little animal that changes color when in danger or in response to a change in temperature. Do you know why this happens? Because they have cells under the skin that are capable of changing color.

- Why does the rain make the rainbow?
The rainbow is fascinating, for children and for adults. But why does it occur? You are not going to tell your child that it is due to Descartes's principle of refraction and reflection. But you can tell him that when the light passes through the water droplets, these beautiful colors are produced. That is why rainbows always occur when it has rained.

- Why do we sweat when it's very hot?
The human body can give rise to thousands of questions from children (many of them, scientists are still trying to find their answer). One of the most frequent is related to sweat: why do we sweat when we are hot? Our body expels sweat, water droplets, when its temperature rises a lot to try to cool it down.

What are the reasons why your child asks you the most?

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