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Names of girls and boys - M

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Short, long, compound, of various origins and inspirations ... names for boys and boys with letter M They are so many and so varied that we have prepared a complete guide for you so that the decision to face the task of choosing the name for your baby is not so heavy and arduous, and it will be something that will accompany you for the rest of your life and there is to take your time. Out of nerves ... let's start!

Discover all the quantity of names for boys and girls with the M that we have selected for you. The variety is outstanding!

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  • Original name for boys with letter M
  • English names that begin with M
  • Weird baby names
  • Popular names with letter M

Let's do a little reflection. If you were born again and could speak from minute one, what would you tell your parents about the name they chose for you? Maybe you are one of those who hate it and have invented an 'original' way for people to identify you; It may also be that you have not considered it, because your name is part of you and you can no longer imagine yourself without it or simply because you really like it.

Now that you are the one on the other side, that is, waiting with joy and nerves for the arrival of a new offspring to the family, you have to face this moment of choosing the name that will accompany a little person throughout his life. Don't be in a hurry! You have nine months to decide, but in case you need help, here's a guide! At least one thing is clear to you, you want me to start with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet!

Six letter name for girls

Do you know what the number 6 represents? It is a digit that is related to love, responsibility and understanding, but also to honesty and fidelity. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents look for six-letter names for their babies. Here you will have a choice!

  • Magali. While some authors confirm that its origin is Persian (means' daughter of light '), others affirm that it comes from Hindu (' pearl), although there are also those who say that it is Hebrew and that it refers to the flower with the same name . Whatever its origin, it should be noted that Magalí is a variant of Margarita. Curiosity: it is very common in France.
  • Maggie. Known primarily as a sweet nickname for girls named Margaret, Maggie has become a unique name. It evokes kindness and gentleness. Jon Stewart skipped the Margaret and named his daughter Maggie Rose in 2006, while actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (real name: Margalit) is given the nickname personally and professionally.
  • Maite. It is the most popular and youthful way of calling girls named Teresa, in honor of Santa Teresa, patron saint of Avila. She celebrates her name day on October 15 and means 'she who reaps or reaps'. In Basque it is one of the most common nicknames.
  • Marine. As you might imagine, it means 'the one that comes from the sea or born from the sea', hence it is a name by which parents who love to live on the coast of a country choose. It is also thought that Marina may be a variant of Maria's name. He celebrates his saint on July 18 and the digit that will accompany him according to numerology is 2.
  • Marisa. It could be said that we are dealing with a compound name, because it is the sum of Maria and Luisa. Girls with this name are also known as Marisela, Mariza or Marixa. It is very famous in Spain, because many actresses in the world of film and television are called that (in French it is Marie Lise).
  • Mencía. 'The indulgent' or 'The benign' is the meaning of this name whose origin is still unknown. Some point to Basque lands, while others opt for the area of ​​Navarra or northern Castilla León, all within the region of Spain. The name has been taken by important historical figures and there is a town in Córdoba (Spain) called that way.
  • Mireya. As with other names of indeterminate origin, it is said that it derives from María and Miriam. In the 5th century there was a saint named Mireya but, despite this circumstance, it is considered a 'modern' name dating from 1861. Its diminutives are Reya and Mire
  • Miriam. If trendy names don't interest you, Miriam might be just what you're looking for. It is a historical Hebrew name and the oldest and best known version of Mary. In the Bible, Miriam was a heroine who, as Moses' sister, intelligently saved his life as a baby. For this he hid him in a basket among the reeds on the river bank so that Pharaoh's daughter would not find him.
  • Monica. It is a unique name, which has never stopped being carried. In some countries, the c is also changed to k, which gives it a more international air. Monica, who celebrates her saint on August 27, was the mother of Saint Augustine. It means 'attract attention' and 'unique'. Does it match your little girl's character?
  • Muriel. This name of Irish origin, which celebrates its name day on November 1, means 'from the shining sea'. Its origin takes us to the Middle Ages and it was the Normans who imported it to England from Britain and there it became popular thanks to various literary characters.

Original names for boys with letter M

The letter M is one of the easiest consonants for children to learn, in fact many of the first words children say begin with the letter M. It is very easy to learn, which can encourage them to pronounce their name earlier!

  • Manuel. 'God is with us' is the meaning of this name that comes from Emmanuel and, which in turn, has its own diminutive: Manu or Lolo It is a name that comes from Hebrew and is related to noble and very sensitive. It has several days throughout the year where its birthday is celebrated: January 1 and Corpus Christi day.
  • Martial. Of Latin origin, it means war or born under the sign of Mars. Every year in June, the battles of San Marcial are remembered in Irún (Basque Country) and this saint who was born in Palestine and who preached the Gospel throughout the Mediterranean shore is honored.
  • Mario. We are before a name of uncertain meaning, possibly derived from a Roman surname, Marius, which indicates the Roman god of war, Mars. Derived from the Latin root mas, which means manly; or used as a masculine variation of Mary, which means bitter and most often given in honor of the Virgin Mary.
  • Maximilian. It is a name with a lot of history behind it. Maximilian I reigned as Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 to 1519, while Vienna-born Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph ruled as Emperor of Mexico from 1864 to 1867. And thanks to Maximus Decimus Meridius, the fictional hero played by Russell Crowe in For the hit movie Gladiator, the name jumped up the rankings between 2000 and 2001, and has been on the rise ever since. If the full name is too imposing for you, the nickname Max is a sweeter and friendlier version.
  • Melchior. 'The king of light'. Of light, of joy and of hope, because Melchior is the name of one of the Magi who worshiped the child Jesus in the portal of Bethlehem. It is said that its origin is in the Persian and Arab culture. Can you guess when their saint is celebrated? January 6th!
  • Marline. 'Numerous' or 'among them abounds' is the meaning of this enigmatic name that celebrates its saints on November 9. Of Gaelic origin, it became popular because it appears in 'Historia Regum Britanniae', the work Godfrey of Monmouth.
  • Michael. Name of Hebrew origin that means 'nobody like God'. The Catholic Church considers him one of God's protectors. The children who bear this name are very responsible and hardworking. September 29 is his saint.
  • Milan. In recent years it is a nickname that has become very fashionable because it was chosen by the F.C. Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué, and the singer, Shakira, for his eldest son. It was a name, until then, unusual, of Slavic origin, and that to date has been widely used in the countries of Eastern Europe.
  • Modest. It is a name, but also a surname and, in turn, an adjective referring to humble people who have no vanity. If that's what you want for your little one, this is his name! Although it is true that it is not very popular, it will stand out from the rest of Mateos, Hugos, Teos or Leos with whom it coincides in school.

Popular names in England beginning with M

It must be said that English names give a person a very international air, hence many parents, especially newcomers, look for a popular nickname in British lands. If this is your case, look at the names we have found for your little ones!

  • Maddox.He is of Anglo Welsh origin, and the meaning of Maddox is 'son of the benefactor'. Wondering who else shares this baby name? The eldest son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
  • Mariah. The name, a variation of the Latin Maria and the Hebrew Moriah, means 'the lord is my teacher'. Among the best known celebrities with this name is the great singer Mariah Carey.
  • Malik. It is a first name, but also a last name (the former One Direction member is called Zayn Malik). Pronounced MAH-lick, it means 'sovereign' or 'king'. Famous namesakes include former professional basketball star Malik Rose.
  • Marcus. As a boy's name, it is pronounced MAR-kus. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Marcus is 'dedicated to Mars'. In mythology, Mars is the Roman god of fertility, for whom the spring calendar month March was named, and identified with the Greek Ares, god of war.
  • Matthew. It was one of the names that enjoyed greater popularity between 1972 and 2008, although in the last year it has regained positions. It is a biblical name, the name of a saint, Matthew, and one of the 12 apostles. Before Matthew became an apostle (and the patron saint of bankers and accountants), he was known as Levi. It's no wonder actor Matthew McConaughey named his eldest son Levi in ​​2008. Today Matthew remains solidly in the top 20, and parents also find Mateo, Matteo, Matias and Matthias attractive.
  • Mark. Do all the men named Mark plan to escape from earth to live on another planet? Probably not. Its meaning, 'dedicated to Mars', does not refer to planetary passion but to the Roman god of war. Famous people named Mark, which is a form of the classic Roman name Marcus, have lived up to the characteristics of the name: imaginative and wise. There is Mark, the apostle who wrote the second book of the New Testament; Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook, and actors who have a place in the movies and in our hearts, Mark Ruffalo and Mark Wahlberg.
  • Melissa. In Greek mythology, Melissa is a Cretan princess who turned into a bee after she learned how to collect honey. It was also the name of a nanny who cared for a young Zeus. Since the 1970s, it has gradually grown in popularity.
  • Melody. Do you feel like singing for joy now that your baby is here? Name it Melody, which means 'song'. Melody joins other melodious names like Harmony, Sonata, and Lyric in making people smile when they hear it. It comes from the Greek 'melody' or 'song singing' and has a soft and charming sound, almost as if you were singing.
  • Megan. There are many celebrities who wear this name proud, the last to join our lives the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle. Before it was preceded by Megan Fox, for example. To find the origin of this name we have to go to Margaret, which in turn comes from the Hebrew word, 'pearl'.
  • Michelle. There is no Michelle better known than former First Lady Michelle Obama. In fact, its popularity has helped keep the name among the most sought after, although if parents want a female form of Michael, they are more likely to go with Michaela. Michelle is the Anglican version of the French Michele, and it means 'who looks like God', so it has a strong religious bond. Michelle first took off in the 1940s and was revitalized when the Beatles released a love song of the same name in 1965.
  • Molly. It is of Irish origin and is a different way of saying, Mary which means 'star of the sea'. Many people use the abbreviation Moll, which means prostitute or the girlfriend of a gangster, which made many people refuse to give their son this name. Luckily fashions change!

Weird baby names

There was a time when you could not choose just any name for babies and some parents were frustrated by not giving their little one that much-desired nickname (it happened with many names of English, French or German origin for children born in a Spanish-speaking country).

Luckily (or not so much, depending on who looks at it) when choosing a name, now anything goes (or almost everything). And there are some parents who do not know if they have chosen the name of their baby out of revenge. Can you imagine putting your son Gohan, Yuritzi or Mavis?

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The most common names with the letter M

If the only thing you are clear about when choosing your baby's name is that both you and your partner like names that begin with the letter M, check this list:

MACARENASevillanoAllusive to the neighborhood of the same name
MAGDALENAHebrewTower, watchman
MANUELHebrewGod with us
MARIANAHebrewLady in the grace of God
MATTHEWHebrewGift of the Lord
MATÍASHebrewGift of the Lord
MATILDEGermanPowerful in battle
MAURICIOLatinMoorish, dark in color
MAXIMILIANLatinOf the biggest
MAXIMUMLatinOf the biggest
MICHAELHebrewWho is like God?
MIRTAGreekMyrtle, symbol of beauty
MOSESHebrewSaved from the waters
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